Michelle Keegan stunned with cropped top and skin-tight leggings in a snap behind the scenes photo shoot

Michelle Keegan wowed fans after sharing an Instagram behind-the-scenes snap during a recent photo shoot with Women’s Health.

The actress did a great job in the storm with her blue crop top and skin-tight silver leggings.

The sexually appealing Brassic star, 33, throws her hands in the air as the ensemble highlights her Tonfin and Ferderiere.

The bombs allowed her brown hair locks to cascade on her shoulders, drawing attention to her natural beauty, and she wore a light makeup palette.

Michelle Keegan led fans enthusiastically after sharing a snapshot of the story behind the recent photo shoot.

Michelle perfected her sensational look with a laced pointy pointy style that highlights her monotonous legs.

The actress, who shared this photo on Instagram, joked in the caption, “Clothes speaks of the gym… feet are thinking differently.”

Michelle also shared a snap and her sexy sex appeal clip, sitting on a metallic pink sheet wearing a fallen silk robe covering her arms.

Michelle looked amazing in the snap.

In another shot of a female health shoot, she looked down on the floor and drew attention to a slender pin.

Her fans were amazed at her social media outing and rushed to the comments section to compliment her.

One said, “It looks amazing,” and the other said, “It’s great.”

Michelle’s fans were crazy about snaps.

Michelle looked down on the floor and paid attention to the slender pins.

In an interview with the publication, Michelle revealed her relationship with her husband, Mark Wright, 33.

In an interview with Women’s Health, Michelle explained why she rarely posts snapshots on social media.

Michelle said: [pictures and videos] Because me and Mark are together, not everyone can comment like’Oh, look at their body language’.

“So I stepped back on social media. [the stories] Anymore. I became more confident in my 30s and I just don’t.”

Michelle on the cover of the February issue of Women’s Health

Michelle was also constantly asked when they would have children with Mark, but the same question was not asked.

She explained that in the public eye there are double standards for men and women.

“I think it’s different for women,” she said.

Michelle showed off her impressive abs in the photo.

“For example, Mark gets questions about kids while not.”

The Hour Girl Star, who has been married to a former TOWIE star since 2015, explained that he did not know which answer would make the public happy.

She said, “Why didn’t I have children? When will I have children? I don’t know what they want me to say. I don’t know what is right or wrong.”

Read the full interview with Michelle Keegan in the February issue of Women’s Health UK now on sale.