Megan Barton-Hanson, her brother’s girlfriend called her’fat lesbian’ ahead of her first date with the girl.

Stunned Megan Barton-Hanson claimed that she was called a “fat lesbian” by her sister’s girlfriend.

The former Love Island star revealed her cruel remarks after starting to explore her sexuality.

The 26-year-old was slandered after he announced that he would meet a woman.

She was going to date but the comments really shook her

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It was a date with someone her brother’s girlfriend happened to know. And then that’s when Megan met a rude horse.

Chatting with former Demi Sims on her podcast You Come First, Megan talked about the early days after accepting that she was bisexual.

“I didn’t have a gay friend and I didn’t know what dating a girl was like.

“There was no gay community or anyone I knew in the South End.

“I have this app called HER, but it’s like a lesbian dating app,” the star continued.

“We had a date with someone, and before we went out on a date, our brother’s girlfriend broke the door and sat in bed.

“And she said,’I’m going out with a woman who works at my job, can you make sure you’re not a fat and fat lesbian?”

Megan Barton Hanson
Megan spoke of a terrible experience.

Megan Barton Hanson has revealed she wants to do a humorous show for women empowerment.
She couldn’t believe what she had heard from her brother’s girlfriend.

Megan said that the bitter experience stopped her dating app and it missed her again.

Star added: “Imagine that for the first time this girl very close to me came in and had the confidence to meet a homophobic and rude girl.

“So I’m not going to jump into the app, because it was a disaster for me.”

Megan bought her first home in 2020 and is in a good position.

She opened up about the purchase. She said she could only buy London Pads because of the cash she earned from her sensational OnlyFans account.

But she also recently spoke of how she fell into a whirl of loneliness early in the year.

She was chatting with former Demi Sims on the You Come First podcast.

She told The Sun, “Before the first blockade, I think I was in a hurry to be with someone and have children.”

“I think every woman-because of society-is running out of time to be with someone, have a partner, and have a baby.

“They may be so afraid of the old-fashioned stereotype and stigma of’oh man up’, but I think it’s really important to be public about their loneliness.”

“I’ve learned more since the first blockade.”