Meesha Shafi is now a certified yoga instructor.

I am a musician, rock star, feminist activist and currently a yoga instructor. Meesha Shafi’s list of achievements seems endless.

that much Waar The star took to social media to celebrate his latest achievement, revealing that it was a dream that was overdue for years.

“Today I graduated after 200 hours of yoga teacher training, and now I am a #YogaAlliance certified teacher,” she proudly announced, having wanted this for a long time and fortunately it was possible to stay indoors during the pandemic.

“Having this intensive training during the pandemic has been a blessing in many ways. It has fixed me in a practice that takes care of my physical, emotional and mental well-being and gives me a beautiful sense of belonging to being part of an amazing yoga community!” The teachers expressed their appreciation for the depth in which they shared the gift of ancient teaching.

Then Shafi thanked the happy opportunity. “I am very grateful for this. Yoga is a gift that continues to be given,” she added, adding that “her children were extremely supportive during extensive training as they often studied long hours to pursue this qualification.” .

“I can’t wait for the universe to share these transformative teachings with everyone who will send me my way!” she wrote

We’re happy to see someone being productive during the pandemic and we wish Shafi the best in his new journey.