Meesha Shafi and Aagha Ali advocate cooler uniforms for students and guards this summer.

It’s too hot to be inside and unlike some employers and schools who refuse to acknowledge the problem, Meesha Shafi and Aagha Ali not only recognize the problem, but make sure they’re talking about it.

Ali used social media to express how angry he was at the school administration for calling in the children to start the school year early despite the heat.

“The heat these days is killing,” he wrote. “Today it was 44 degrees in Lahore and Islamabad, so we had to stop filming. Have mercy on the kids. Start school after summer break. This week at a cost? Shame and have mercy!” He furiously said.

Shafi also discussed the heat and said that in such weather a lightweight fabric such as cotton would be a much better choice for a uniform.

“There are no polyester jerseys in our area.” Normalization Cotton/Muslin Shalwar-Kurtas. School kids, security guards … anyone.”

Given Pakistan’s hot and humid weather, we’re excited to see celebrities using their platforms to advocate for harsh working conditions. Whether you’re a security guard or a delivery guy, it’s important to wear uniforms that match the weather and environment, and realize that people should be comfortable too.

The same goes for students. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, the health of our students should be our top priority and schools should continue learning online for as long as possible.