Maura Higgins,’acting’ after former Curtis Pritchard

Reportedly, Maura Higgins is known to have been “hot up” by what ex-boyfriend Curtis Pritchard recently mentioned about her.

Love Island star, 30, says her professional dancer Curtis, 25, will comment on her as she attempts a stand-up comedy.

Maura is now dating Chris Taylor, who starred in the Love Island series like the previous fireworks.

The source is new! magazine:“Maura was upset by Curtis. She doesn’t understand why he’s saying that, as he thought it was on friendly terms.

Maura Higgins is left. "emitting smoking" More than a recent Curtis Pritchard comment
Maura Higgins has been “on the hook” to a recent comment by former Curtis Pritchard.

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“She doesn’t understand why he felt he had to rekindle discord and make a detrimental remark. She thought it was the past.”

It is said that Curtis made excavations while participating in other TV shows after appearing on Celebs Go Dating to escape her unsuccessful romance with Maura.

On the new Channel 4 show, Stand Up And Deliver, he tries comedy with several celebrities, including Coronation Street star Katie McGlynn and Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder.

When he was filming the set, Curtis recounted his experience at the Love Island villa, and apparently seemed to be hitting Maura.

Curtis recently compared his former Maura to a used car in a stand-up comedy.
Curtis recently compared his former Maura to a used car in a stand-up comedy.

Maura is now loved by Chris Taylor.
Maura is now loved by Chris Taylor.

According to The Sun, he talks about his time in the kennel and on the comedy set: “Now I think of Love Island when I look back.

“There were dogs wandering left, right and center when dogs went crazy when they were in season.

“They were trying to ride each other without stopping, and it was wild,” he continued.

Digging a little more personally into the Irish beauty Maura, he compared the show participants to used cars.

Curtis also seemed to accuse Maura of cheating on him.
Curtis also seemed to accuse Maura of cheating on him.

He went on to say: “You have all these different shapes and sizes right in front of your eyes. Give it a spin, take a test run, and if you don’t like it, send it back.”

Curtis also told punters that he liked soft whiskey by popping his chosen liquor during the set. Because it’s “trustworthy. Unlike my ex-girlfriend, taste will never fool you.”

Maura and Curtis, who recently took on their first acting roles in Hollyoaks with brothers AJ, broke up in March of last year.

A few months later, Maura started dating Chris Taylor after making a flowered friendship with something more.

Curtis’s recent excavation isn’t the only time he hit his ex-lover, as they previously said that Maura and Chris were betrayed by romance.

He previously told The Sun Online: “I feel betrayed by both of them. Very close to the two.

“When I saw the picture, I would have lied if I said there was no hurt. I was angry. How long has this really lasted?”