Maura Higgins was convinced that Tommy Fury will soon propose to Molly-Mae Hague and will have many babies.

Maura Higgins predicted that her friends Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague would soon make the knot.

The Love Island star, who rose to fame on the popular ITV show with friends in 2019, said 21-year-old Tommy is preparing to ask questions while dating for over a year so far.

“Tommy and Molly will be 100% married,” Maura said on Sunday.

30-year-old Maura, who recently went bare face to show her fabulous hair that doesn’t stretch her head, said that Molly-Mae, 21, walked down the aisle and was convinced the pair would have a lot of kids if they took a seat together.

Maura Higgins is confident that her friend Tommy Fury will soon propose to Molly-Mae Hague.
Maura Higgins is confident that her friend Tommy Fury will soon propose to Molly-Mae Hague.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague sparked engagement rumors on Instagram.
Tommy and Molly have been dating for over a year.

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The Irish beauty added, “They will undoubtedly have 100 babies.”

Regarding her love life, Maura has confessed that her new boyfriend Chris Taylor has identified “one” and wants to propose to her someday.

The TV personality explained that being friends laid the foundation for the amazing romance between them.

Maura said his friendship with Chris built the foundation of the relationship.

In the same publication, she said: “We were friends for a long time before we got into a relationship. We know each other very well, we never argue, and we laugh that way. I really like this.

“He is my male version. We’re always running around and giggling. We always keep Mickey off from each other, it’s really fun, and it’s very important in a relationship.”

And now Maura has even discussed having children, hoping that Chris will ask questions sooner or later.

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor packed their PDA after confirming the relationship.
Maura wants to marry Chris and have children.

Lauren Guger

“We’re in love and we use L-words a lot,” said the brunette beauty Maura, who recently joked “looks like 15 years old without makeup”

“I look to the future and see myself with my family.

“I don’t want a baby anytime soon, but it’s time to be ready and settled. I want to marry before I have a baby. Chris is better off giving an engagement ring in a hurry. Because I am not getting younger.”

Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury

And Chris not only swept Maura off her feet, it seems to have impressed his potential mother-in-law as well.

She said: “I’m very close to my mom, so I talked to her subordinates on FaceTime. They get along very well and he, like me, calls her’mom’.”