Married at Jessika Power at First Sight, meets Geordie Shore’s’very charming’ Scotty T

Geordie Shore star Scotty T spent two weeks getting to know Jessika Power of the incredible Married At First Sight on a nightclub tour when she spent time at Down Under on Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2019.

Shortly after discovering the pair cross the street in a sunny Australian party scene, Jessika claims that it wasn’t long before Scotty (real name Scott Timlin) tried it on with her.

The 29-year-old, still in contact with the 32-year-old reality star, looked back for a short time together and said, “He moved the day I met him.

Jessika Power said Scotty T was'very attractive' in 2019.
Jessika Power said Scotty T was’very attractive’ in 2019.

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“I remember me and the security guard having to knock on the hotel door. [before our first event together] And he fell asleep in the sun, burned in the sun, and said a bit of fluff. I just rolled my eyes and blocked him.”

When Jessica first met him on tour two years ago, she revealed that he was “very attractive”.

“I had a little fangirl moment. I think I met someone at home at that time,” she added.

Married at First Sight, Jessika Power raped with Geordie Shore's'very charming' Scotty T.
Married at First Sight, Jessika Power raped with Geordie Shore’s’very charming’ Scotty T.

“When he left, he flew home early and left a sweet note under my door saying goodbye.”

Paired up with 31-year-old Mick Gould, married on First Sight, Jessika also told The Sun that she kept in touch with Scotty via Instagram after congratulating her in the reality series.

Shaw follows a singleton paired with a partner with the help of a panel of dating experts before having a chance to meet in real life.

Jessica was matched up with 31-year-old Mick Gould on the show.
Jessica was matched up with 31-year-old Mick Gould on the show.

Jessika and Mick broke up shortly after they got married at Palm Cove, because the blonde beauty cheated on her co-star Dan Webb.

Dan was joined with Tamara Joy at the time, but had more sparks with Jessika, and experts allowed them to continue the relationship.

However, the couple’s romance did not last, and the country saw the breakup on TV.

Stephen Bear slipped on Jessika Parker's DM and Scotty.
Stephen Bear slipped into Scotty as well as Jessika Parker’s DM.

Since gaining fame in England, Jessika has caught Stephen Bear’s eyes as he claimed, “Stephen Bear is sending me messages too.”

However, the star later said that she was “not interested” in getting to know 31, and kindly said that she had a boyfriend.

Jessika is currently dating aspiring rapper Filip Poznanovic and she said in The Wash, “He’s a really passionate and goal-oriented person. In the beginning, pursuing success attracted me to him.