Lucy Mecklenburgh was worried as she rushed her son Roman to the doctor after going through a’scary’ two-hour choking ordeal.

Lucy Mecklenburgh said she was “worried” while taking her son Roman to the doctor.

29-year-old Lucy shared her concerns with fans, posting a photo of her son hugging her chest in an image shared on an Instagram story.

The only way before was that Essex star Lucy posted a picture of her baby son, who would be once next month, holding a dummy in her mouth lying on her mother’s chest.

Then she turned to 1.7 million followers for advice: “Roman this morning was choked by a piece of apple, so I removed it myself, but spent two hours gagged and growing sore, thick saliva.

Former TOWIE star Lucy said she "worry" Because her son Roman did not eat after choking on a piece of apple
Former TOWIE star Lucy confessed that her baby son Roman “worried” that she would not eat after choking on a piece of apple.

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“He thinks it must be the acid that stimulates the throat and shock, not himself.

“He doesn’t have breakfast and lunch, he puts it in his mouth, gagged and spit.”

Lucy, her fiancé Ryan Thomas, recently told her that she missed spending time with her and then asked her fans: “Is this just a fear in someone’s experience? I’m really hungry, but I’m scared to eat it.”

Then Mum-of-one Lucy shared a box where followers could enter answers and suggestions.

Mum Lucy Mecklenburgh revealed that she took her son Roman to the doctor after stopping eating. "scary" Suffocation
Mom Lucy Mecklenburgh revealed that she had taken her son Roman to the doctor after stopping eating after a “horrible” choking incident

TOWIE star Lucy told me to take my son to A&E if the GP doesn't drink water.
TOWIE star Lucy told me to take my son to A&E if the GP doesn’t drink water.

She added the same photo of herself and Roman to another post, giving fans additional updates.

She wrote: “We went to the GP and he suggested a&e if he kept refusing to hydrate, but finally drank a bottle of water and Brest wouldn’t eat solids.”

Later, Lucy revealed that she had read fan comments and sought advice from a dietitian while posting a clip of herself speaking into the camera.

Lucy, who recently shared her invisible appearance after giving birth to a son, said to her fans: “Thank you for everyone’s advice. I got really good advice.

“It was just terrible. In my head I thought they were completely silent and the airway was completely blocked so that you were choking when you pull it out and it’s okay. On the other hand, Roman would have had a moment of his silence. Since I’m making breakfast for everyone I didn’t notice and it seemed to be almost partially blocked.

Lucy Mecklenburgh "scary" Trials with fans
Lucy Mecklenburgh opened up a “horrible” ordeal with fans.

“And he… I continued to get saliva and sputum for 2 hours, got sick, then got fine, gagged again and started to cause it.

“It just seemed to go on for a few years and I was hoping that the prayer would sort of…you took it out and they got fine and breathing was fine and everything was fine, but it would just expand a bit. Finally, as I got older, I took a little bit of water and breast milk so I was less worried and I’m taking a nap on him and checking him every 15 minutes. He’s been taking a nap for a long time. I think I’m tired. Bless me

“But, yes, it was scary and now I am worried about how he will eat it because I sprinkled him with lunch and he gagged a little and spit in pieces. He is worried because he ate some really great food. He thought he could get away from his own food and now he could go through a different process in baby food, and he didn’t have to worry because he ate everything all the time.

“So I’m a little worried, but most importantly, he’s okay. I’m hoping he’s back in his old happy look when he comes back from a nap and that’s always the way. We went to the doctor, got sick on the way, he wasn’t himself, and as soon as we had the doctor’s surgery, he smiled at everyone,” she said with a laugh.

Lucy continued: “It’s like they know! Or little by little the discomfort was distracted by the changing landscape. I don’t know, but it’s okay.”