Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals some of his most annoying habits, including Ryan Thomas”Put empty food packs into the fridge’.

Lucy Mecklenburgh gave fans insight into what it was like to live with her fiance and former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas.

A mother, 29, who shares her son Roman (age 36) and Ryan (36), revealed her partner’s most annoying habits in Q&A with fans on Instagram.

One of Lucy’s followers asked a fitness influencer, “Ryan’s most annoying habit?”

Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals Ryan's most annoying habits at home.
Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals Ryan’s most annoying habits at home.

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Without hesitation, Lucy got dirt on a few things that Ryan noticed doing at home.

“Hmm, haha” she started. “Thomas traces on socks, food, towels and clothes!!!”

Lucy has a lot of answers to this question. She added: “Put empty food packets back into the refrigerator!”

Lucy Mecklenburgh fiance Ryan Thomas puts the empty packet back into the refrigerator.
Lucy Mecklenburgh’s fiancé Ryan Thomas puts the empty envelope back into the refrigerator.

“Put things in weird places! A shocked facial emoji followed by “remote control of the bathroom cupboard”.

It comes out after Lucy, who met her first child with an ITV actor in March last year, confessed what she bought for Christmas only.

Ahead of Christmas morning, reality TV stars were able to get a glimpse of fans as they began showing pictures of the pale blue train of the Scandi Born company.

Lucy Mecklenburgh revealed what she got for baby Roman last year.
Lucy Mecklenburgh revealed what she got for baby Roman at Christmas.

Second, Lucy shared a video of John Lewis’s adorable baby toys, and her son said, “I love pulling toys.”

She went on to show off The Luxury Nursery’s smooth rides and gray pits.

Lucy added with snap: “Everyone has recommended a ball pit in Roman times, and obviously you’ve been using it for a long time!”

Lucy Mecklenburgh bought a gray ball pit from baby Roman for Christmas.
Lucy Mecklenburgh bought a gray ball pit from baby Roman for Christmas.

For the first time last year, my mom confessed that she was unhappy about how Christmas would be so different after it was announced that London had entered a three-phase blockade.

She shared on Instagram: “Selfishly I’m really in a bad mood for coming back to Step 3 and I rarely feasted with Roman out of guilt.

“I know it was a year that we had to live a little differently, but the baby is only a year old.” [sic]