Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague wore a £3.2k Chanel bag and a £1.1k scarf as he pulled out the trash can.

Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague often flaunts designer clothes in glam photography and has now shown that she likes to look best at doing housework.

The reality TV star was witnessed wearing a £3,210 Chanel bag and a £1,110 designer scarf that her boyfriend Tommy Fury had given her, whom she met on the show, and pulling out her trash can.

Molly-Mae, 21, shared a snapshot on Instagram Stories, posing with a bag on her shoulder, and a scarf wrapped comfortably around her neck.

The bomb jokingly wrote in the caption, “I wear a Chanel bag to get the bucket out.”

The reality TV star was seen wearing a £3,210 Chanel bag and a £1,110 designer scarf and pulling out her trash can.

Molly-Mae seems to be delighted with the gift of her beauty when she later posted a photo on her Instagram feed and wrote “an excuse to wear my baby” with a bag emoji.

Earlier this month, Tommy cheered Molly-Mae as’The Girl of Dreams’, saying it was the love she fell in love at first sight on her first meeting on the show.

He said, “definitely [I felt love] The first time i saw

“If you give me a pen and paper to write down the girl of my dreams, it will be her. That’s what I said on the show a year and a half ago and I didn’t lie.

Molly-Mae Hague was glamorous on her last date night with boyfriend Tommy Fury for a while.
Molly’s scarf and bag were presented to her by boyfriend Tommy Fury, whom she met on Love Island.

“And it’s so crazy. It’s increased because of her getting to know inside and out. She’s the female version of me! I feel I love her more every day and she’s my soul mate.”

Tommy and Molly-Mae moved to Manchester together after leaving the show in 2019.

Molly and Tommy met at Love Island in 2019

Discussing why he thinks the relationship has changed from strength to strength, Tommy explained: “I think it’s because there was no pressure. Molly-Mae and me, we’re in that long-term relationship. It’s easy to do.

“Everyone was in Love Island for their own reasons. I was there to really find a relationship. I’ve never seen a show before.

“I had an attitude of “all or nothing” because I had no clue as to what was going to happen. I guess it’s just how committed you are and how hard we both worked.”