Louise Redknapp,’worried about never finding love again’ after Jamie broke up

Louise Redknapp said she was eagerly looking for a lockdown, telling fans that she “is definitely struggling now”.

And the source is New magazine Louise’s sadness was partly a result of his worries about finding love again, especially the restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic.

Sources say that while ex-husband Jamie is dating current model Frida Anderson Ruri, 46-year-old Lewis is again frustrated with finding romance.

Louise Redknapp Struggling Emotionally
Louise Redknapp is worried that she will never find love again.

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“Louise asked,’How do I find the man I’m incarcerated?’ She found it very difficult for Jamie to fall in love too quickly,” the source added.

“She wants to find her love, but it’s very difficult when she’s stuck at home and can’t meet or date someone else.

“It can be lonely, especially when you see your ex have found love again.”

Louise Redknapp Struggling Emotionally
Ex-husbands Jamie and Lewis

Louise has shared a series of messages in recent months, posting about “The Warrior” and “Broken Mess”.

On Instagram recently, she said, “I’m definitely struggling right now, so keep working together, get strong, stay positive, and remember you’re not alone. There is always someone to talk to!”

The singer, with sons Charlie (age 16) and Beau (age 12), celebrated 19 years of marriage in 2017 with football expert Jamie (47).

Louise-Redknapp- struggling emotionally
Jamie has since moved with her new girlfriend Frida Andersson Lourie.

Former English footballer Jamie may have spent Christmas with Louise and the boys, but otherwise gave him time to ponder the situation on his own.

The source said, “Locking makes you very reflective and you have a lot of time to think. She really seemed to have lost her identity when she was with Jamie, and in her post you can really see that she is trying to get it back.

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Louise previously opened up about the difficulties of dating in the current climate.

“But it also struggles with containment when you’re looking for love and you can’t date,” our source continued. “She’s generally a laugh and positive person, so the post tells her that her mood is depressed.”

Louise has already talked about the current climate and the difficulties of dating two sons at home.

She described it in her fellow popstar and mom Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Spinning Plates podcast: ‘Well, how will it fly?’

Stay informed this week!  Magazine-Out, National, Tuesday
Stay informed this week! Magazine-Out, National, Tuesday

“It’s not positive for me when it comes to my loving life. I haven’t dated yet! Lockdown doesn’t help me in the dating world.”

Louise also talked about how she was still reaching an agreement when her marriage to Jamie ended.

“I’m never in this amazing place,” she said. It would be a lie if I said yes. I’m struggling with so much every single day because I don’t know if a person divorced in 20 years has ever been divorced. I don’t think it will be easier for someone like me.”