Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha teaches kids about swear words while homeschooling while locked.

The epidemic feels endless and most parents struggle with homeschooling. However, Nadia Sawalha, 56, and her TV producer husband Mark Adderley, 50, taught their daughters Maddy (18 years old) and Kiki Bee (13 years old) for five years before the coronavirus hit.

We threw the Loose Women star a quiz about how she survived her sealed life.

Is Your Marriage Staying Together 24/7?!

Now everything is magnified. Mark and I got married after 6 months of pregnancy and we went through a lot together. When we met we both drank a lot and were confused. My husband was an alcoholic, but I didn’t know then. Since rehab, he hasn’t been drunk for 16 years. We have had treatments and couples counseling several times and will not hesitate again. It’s all about communication. We had a timer and only one person could talk when it was on. It stopped us and really heard.

What do you do to keep you passionate?

When you wear sportswear? Sigh! If men want more sex, they need to wipe the sides and fill the dishwasher. If a woman wants more sex she will have to tell her husband that she does it! Everyone wants to feel precious. Write small notes to each other. “I just think it looks so lovely over there. Wash it!”

Nadia Home Schooling
Nadia Sawalha admits teaching her children about swear words while homeschooling while locked.

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Was your family’s mental health a problem with the blockade?

This third blockade hit us harder and we suffered. We were in a bad mood and had a few days when we switched homeschooling to Mental Health Day. I canceled what wasn’t urgent and it was really dark, so they all wore black sweatshirts. We just went Another day we turned the house into a fake restaurant and played Pictionary. Children can learn nothing without taking care of their mental health.

What can you do to make your kids open mind to you?

We always talked about mental health at home and considered it as important as physical health. In the blockade, we check in every day. So how do we feel from 1 to 10? And we will discuss it. Older kids and teens feel awkward if you see them and ask them to know what’s wrong. So I ask them to text me what is bothering them and let them know if they want to talk about it or not. I would be happy to talk to them about sex. But the last person they want is me!

How are Maddy and Kiki coping with not socializing?

Young people stopped their entire lives. My daughters didn’t moan about it, but I’m sad to them. Both of my kids get online counseling once a week and they love it. I know I am very blessed to be able to pay for it. You can also chat with your friends for unlimited WiFi and screen time.

Nadia Home Schooling
Nadia and her husband Mark Adderley have taught daughters Maddie (18 years old) and Kiki-Bee (13 years old) for five years before the coronavirus hit.

We love the spoof Kim Kardashian video where you send her Skims underwear. What do the girls think?

For a long time they have been embarrassed. But these movies are my gift to them to show the real women they are. And it works by osmosis. Now they say, “Mom, what you do is great.” In fact, I make it and I often run into a crisis of confidence. Every day I have to work on my negative thoughts, or “stinky thoughts”. I starved myself and finished the DVD. I believed all my dreams would come true if I was 10 years old or if my heart shape wasn’t bad The way women treat themselves breaks my heart.

Nadia’s Homeschooling Tips:

1. Admit anything you don’t know

No one knows everything. When the girls ask us, they say’let’s know!’ to the unanswerable question. Children can noticeably relax when adults admit they don’t know anything.

2. Make it fun

We watch a lot of movies together, but they are not passive. We engage girls and discuss them. We watched a show on the history of profanity. There were a lot of f- words!

Nadia Home Schooling
Nadia provided the best tips for homeschooling.

3. Give them freedom

Allow older children to manage their workload. Learn to train yourself. If my daughter wants to spend 8 hours on the phone to a friend, I left it to them when the work was done.

4. To raise children, you need a village

Do you have someone else in your family or do you support foam experts in a field other than yours? Asking for help. It is healthy for children to hear different perspectives.

5. Follow the flow according to the schedule.

Don’t get caught up in the idea that school starts at 8 am and ends at 3 pm. Teens study better after more sleep. If you are working from home, start early and let your kids fall asleep.

Honey, I Home-Schooled the Kids by Nadia Sawalha and Mark Adderley It is £14.99 issued by Coronet.