Lauren Guger shows off baby bumps with her bare hands after Troll accuses a fake pregnancy.

Lauren Goodger was pregnant with her first child, and she posted on social media to show off her blossoming bumps.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star shared a selfie with a 16-week bump on Saturday and she looked great.

A 34-year-old child with boyfriend Charles Drury, dressed in a black sports bra and gray cozy sweatshirt bottoms, looked like smoke while showing a glimpse of exposed bumps to 777k followers.

Lauren showed off her naked baby bump on Saturday.

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The star’s skin was shining and wore a bronze eyeshadow and nude lip. Her hair was tied in a loose ponytail.

Lauren left the caption “Lazy day” in her Instagram story.

Last month, the star revealed that a terrible troll accused her of cheating on her pregnancy.

In favor of the feud with Lauren-Goodger-Katie-Price
Lauren was brutally accused of cheating on her pregnancy.

She told The Sun: “People also accuse me of having a fake bump. It’s totally crazy.

“It can be frustrating and annoying, but in the end we’re happy. We’re having a baby. You can keep your opinion and get it out.

Mark Wright’s ex-girlfriend added: “I am constantly explaining myself when I don’t have to.

“I have never been terrible to anyone and have never hurt anyone. I’m not a bad person. I am just human and I have a lot of work. “

Lauren announced the news of her pregnancy last month.

In favor of the feud with Lauren-Goodger-Katie-Price
Lauren is pregnant with her boyfriend Charles and her first child.

An amazing start new! magazine: “This is where my life begins.”

As she shared the happy news, the age of 34 said: “We were pretty sexually active and I don’t do anything. [contraceptives] It happened soon. “

Looking forward to new celebrity moms and stars

However, they couldn’t be happier to be parents.

23-year-old Charles, despite his young age, added: “Family has always been such a big deal, and I have a friend who has done it from such a young age. My mother also put me at a very young age – 17 o’clock.”