Lagi Andreas, son of Stavros Flatley of Got Talent in England, announces engagement after NYE proposal

Stavros Flatley’s son Lagi Andreas offers his girlfriend a romantic New Year’s Eve last night.

The youngest half of the dancing duo, who reached fourth place in the UK’s Got Talent series in 2009, released happy news on Instagram last night.

The two uploaded a picture of their soon-to-be wife with a glass of champagne.

He put a caption on the picture. “I didn’t get burp and oh yeah, guess what.” [sic]

The youngest member of Stavros Flatley is engaged.

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Lagi is now 24 years old when she auditioned for Got Talent in England when she was 12 and now runs a barber shop in Cyprus.

The news follows the announcement that Stavros Flatley had’split’ in 2019.

However, the father and son reunited at Christmas for a special event in Got Talent, England, after Simon Cowell asked for participation.

Stavros Flatley became a pseudonym after appearing in Got Talent in England in 2009.

Lagi told Mail Online: “When we got to The Champions I thought it was time to leave, but Simon Cowell told me not to quit forever, so I’ll be back for the show.

He said to the publication that he thought they had taken action as long as they could, but it was Simon Cowell who offered to keep the door open.

He said, “We’ve been doing this for 10 years as a joke. We’ve done a lot of amazing things, but what should we do in the future? We played the Royal Variety, and played for Monaco, China..

The pair took part in Britain Got Talent’s Christmas special.

“So when we got to The Champions, I thought now was the time to leave, but Simon Cowell told me not to quit forever,” he said.

In fact, Lagi is back on stage for a recent UK Got Talent Christmas special, where Stavros Flately performed a famous routine with topless Ashley Banjo.

Stavros Flately gained fame by having a funny expression of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance routine in 2009.

They have appeared in shows like Sugar Free Farm.

The two are estimated to have raised £2 million in appearances and performances after being active on the show.

Earning about £3,500 per gig, they toured England in a campervan, and Lagi even took a year off from school to devote himself to the gig.

They have also continued to appear on various TV shows and tours over the years, including Sugar Free Farm and Dress to Impress.

His dad Demi, now 52, ​​continues to perform as Stavros Flatley with his 18-year-old nephew Samson.