Kim Kardashian’s ex-nanny claims that Kanye West’s harsh behavior’parted the marriage’

Kim Kardashian’s former nanny claimed that the star did everything possible to sustain her marriage to Kanye West.

But she finally drank “enough” of the rapper’s unpredictable behavior, the family’s former employee claimed.

The Keep Up With The Kardashians star is known to have instructed his attorney to start negotiating the terms of the divorce six years after making the pledge.

The pair of megastars is known to be on the verge of separation and sparked a huge legal battle for a £1.6 billion fortune.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend the 2014 Balmain show.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s 6-year marriage is said to be over

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Kim, 40, said he would fully raise the couple’s four children.

Now her ex-nanny, Pam Behan, 52, spoke. She claims that Kim did everything she could to keep the relationship going before giving up.

In an interview with The Sun, she said that Kim’s third marriage was on the verge of collapse because men are “threatening” to her “beauty and intelligence.”

Kim’s former nanny, Pam Bihan, weighed on rumors that broke up

A former employee said, “She tried everything she could and his actions broke her marriage.

“If I can talk to Kim now, I want you to be happy and strong.

“And at this point I think she’s doing the right thing to decide her marriage.”

Mr. Kim wants custody of his children

Pam argued that Kanye couldn’t handle “money, power, fame, success” as Kim could, and that helped pay for their six-year marriage.

The nanny said: “The thing is for sure, the family will support her.

“You can see them arguing on their reality shows, but there is no doubt that they are there for each other when they need it.

Kim Kardashian surprises fans with fiery red hair transformation
She “did everything she could” to keep the relationship, says former nanny

“I admit to her a lot, but at some point it’s enough and Kim has reached that point and I really don’t blame her.”

In July, Kanye tweeted that he was running for president of the United States and claimed that he had “attempted a divorce” with Kim for a while.

Kanye West announced on July 4 that he was running for President of the United States.
Kim’s former nanny claims she had enough of Kanye’s actions

KUWTK stars Kim and Kanye share daughters North, 7, Chicago, and two sons, Saint, Psalm, who is five and one year old.

However, Shaw Biz’s most famous family is reported to be concerned that it could be “exposed” to rap stars after a divorce.

“Kim has made it clear that she wants full custody, so if Kanye tries to fight her, the custody fight will be brutal,” insisted The Sun.