Katie Price’s daughter Bunny says that Harvey’smashes things’ ahead of her dorm relocation and that she’runs away’.

Katie Price’s youngest daughter, Bunny, said that whenever her older brother Harvey explodes and “breaks things” she “runs away.”

42 years old is the mother of Harvey, 18, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, 7, Bunny, 6.

Katie’s eldest son Harvey has several health conditions including autism, Prader-Willi syndrome, and Septo-Optic Dysplasia, which affect brain function, hormones and vision.

Harvey, currently staying in a separate house from CCTV-filled Katie, has a list of other medical conditions that affect his behavior.

Katie Price's daughter Bunny said. "run away" Brother Harvey "Break things"
Katie Price’s daughter Bunny said her brother Harvey “breaks things” and she “runs away”

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Katie previously revealed how to smash objects and punch holes in the walls due to the explosion of a young boy.

In an interview with The Sun in November, she said: “If you say no, he will break things. He had to repaint the wall because he would make a hole in the wall with his head.

“He knows what tastes good. I’ll give you sweet potato chips instead of real french fries, but he knows the difference.”

And Katie, who recently said she had written a farewell letter to Cocaine, had to make a heartbreaking decision to move her son to boarding college.

Harvey is Katie's eldest son and Bunny is Katie's youngest.
Harvey is Katie’s eldest son and Bunny is Katie’s youngest.

Katie Price is a mother of five children.
Katie Price is the mother of five children.

In a BBC documentary called Katie Price: Harvey and Me, it focuses on deciding which dorms Katie and Harvey will go to for the next step in their life. belongings.

Bunny and her brother Jett, which Katie shares with former Kieran Hayler, can be seen painting for Harvey in a clip seen by The Daily Star.

Little Bunny uses green to show how much she loves her brother.

And when Harvey asks who he is as a brother, Bernie says: “He’s kind. Sometimes he starts.”

Rabbit has her brother "good" But he "Start" sometimes
Bernie said her brother was “good” but sometimes “kick”

The interviewer then asks the little girl: “What does that mean when he starts? What does he do?”

She explains: “He breaks things into the wall like a crack there and beckons towards the wall.

And when Harvey asked what he was doing when he was angry, Bunny said, “Run and go upstairs.”

Katie will reveal in a BBC document that she has decided to send her eldest son to boarding college.

“It’s not because I don’t want to see him, but I have to give him the opportunity to live an independent life,” explained the five mothers.