Katie Price shares the picture by saying he can’t understand why his son Harvey can’t go to school.

Katie Price revealed that his son Harvey didn’t know why he couldn’t go to school like his other siblings.

The 42-year-old ex-glamor model recently debuted her chic new short bob with her boyfriend Carl Woods, and shared a clip on her Instagram feed showing her 18-year-old child showing his alphabet drawings.

In the clip, Katie handed the camera over to her son, who is autistic, partially blind, and suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome and asked to show her 2.3 million followers.

“Mr. Fris, tell everyone what you’ve done here. Look at that, what you’ve done,” she said before continuing. “That’s the alphabet and you drew pictures of everything related to it. Look at Peppa Pig. What you did, the kids and the railroad under the bridge, and your YouTube sign.”

Katie Price worried she could lose Harvey
Katie Price said she doesn’t understand why her son can’t go to school.

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Katy, who shocked fans after recently drawing an old hair extension for £5 votes, continued to praise her as her eldest son asked, “You know how great you are?”

Harvey replied “yes” before Katie hit “No, seriously Harb.” Her son claimed to be “your mummy.”

“Do you know how proud you are?” Katie went on to say, “I’m so proud.”

Katie's son Harvey showed me a picture of the alphabet he made.
Katie’s son Harvey showed off his own alphabet painting.

“I’m so proud of you, Price. Do you know how smart you are? Can I show you the nanny? What will the nanny say?”

“The nanny did this,” Harvey said. [She’d say] ‘Ooh’ “

Then Katie asked if she would post the clip to her before posting the clip on Instagram and asking her followers what she wanted to say. He said, “Thank you for everyone looking at the alphabet ABC pictures.”

Katie said she "Boast" Of her son
Katie said his son was “so proud”.

Katie price tattoo

The TV cast replied “I love you” and ended the video by saying “I love you Harb.”

In the caption, the 5-member mom wrote, “Omg my Harvey looked so clever and artistically what he did this evening with two red heart emoticons.”

Katie said that Harvey likes compliments for her project on Instagram.

“Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand why he can’t go to school, so he likes the compliments he receives and when I read your message he loves it.” [sic] With red heart emoticon.

Nicola McLean quickly commented on the video. “Amazing” with a red heart emoji, 15-year-old Katie son Junior shared with her ex-husband Peter Andre added “Love you big bro”. Red heart emoticon.