Katie Price gave her son Harvey a three-bedroom house and admitted that he’already drilled a hole’.

Katie Price revealed that her son Harvey got her own home while getting ready for dorm college.

The 42-year-old, who recently told his eldest son that he would become a Network Rail Station announcer, posted a clip on his YouTube channel about his new arrangements.

The previous glamor model could be seen wearing a beige jumper with a brown haired short bob when sitting next to her son, who is partially blind, autistic, and suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome.

Harvey looked happy next to his famous mom and wore a black t-shirt for the event when both sat under a pink furry blanket.

Katie Price told her son Harvey that she had a three-bedroom house.
Katie Price told her son Harvey that she had a three-bedroom house.

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“So I got this house for Harvey,” she started from the clip. “That’s enough space for me to stay. Basically it’s a 3 bedroom home he has what he needs for all his stuff.”

Katie, whose ex-husband Peter Andre recently called Harvey “the best” in a new documentary about him, explained that the house was an easy way for her son to transition into a residential college.

She went on: “I’ve been doing it little by little for him and I got it for him until he got to the dwelling, and let him get used to the transition.

Katie said that Harvey had already drilled a hole in the wall.
Katie said that Harvey had already drilled a hole in the wall.

“Yes, he’s already drilled holes in the walls and things. I’m going to keep over painting these holes. I’m also trying to make it like a nice home for him while putting everything on top.

“So, as you can see there’s a bit of it everywhere, but next time I visit this house, I’ll take a tour of Harvey’s house.”

Then she asked Harvey. “What do you think? And we can help you on the tour. Show me a new bed, a new bathroom, a kitchen… What do you want to show others?”

Katie opened up about how Harvey sometimes hits the window screen.

Katie price tattoo

“Curtain” replied Harvey. His mother said, “We have curtains too. Yeah? And we’ll show you all the cameras we have everywhere so we can keep an eye on you.”

Katie previously said about how Harvey sometimes punches the window screen “when the routing goes wrong”: [in the documentary] Show me all the broken tvs ready to be thrown away.

“But I won’t get anything out of it all. It’s enough to see every hole in the wall.”

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