Katie Price claims that it’s’shrewd but stupid behavior’ as she opens the lid on a rough party day.

Katie Price recalls her rise to fame, opening up about her rough party days and the creation of her another self, Jordan.

In BBC2’s Celebrity: A 21st Century Story, 42-year-old he talked about the early days of a celebrity. She insisted, “I’m smart. I act like an idiot, but I know what’s going on.”

Katie first came to fame in the magazines of young 18-year-olds and became famous for her ever-increasing chest size and raging parties.

Katie Price opened up her rise to fame and how different she is from her celebrity persona.
Katie Price opened up her rise to fame and how different she is from her celebrity persona.

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She added: “I was going to clubs, getting parties and getting out of nightclubs,” she recalled, “I was always me, there was always drama.”

At’I’ma Celeb’ in 2004, she met her future husband, Peter Andre, and the audience warmed to her, just as she abandoned Jordan’s persona and showed the softer side to the audience.

The couple eventually broke up in 2009, but their children share a junior (15 years old) and a princess (13 years old). Katie is also the mother of Jett, a 7- and 6-year-old Bunny, along with Harvey, now 18, and Kieran Hayler, a third husband.

Katie always had a nice smile.
Katie gained fame as Jordan.

Katie, who is currently in a relationship with Carl Woods, recently revealed that her Jordan alter ego was making her “sick”.

She admitted that she enjoyed a cold Christmas for the first time after quitting, her mother said.

In an interview with The Sun, she said: “I wrote a powerful letter because they make your demons do that.

Kerry Katona says that Katie Price'made Peter Andre' who he is and reactivated his career.
When I met Peter Andre at I’m A Celeb in 2004, the audience warmed up to Katie Price.

“I don’t even think about doing it now. I feel bad. I’m going to be the best person now. I mean, I’m focused and I’m back to normal.”

“I started working again and it’s going well. I’m happy and the kids see the difference.

“I loved Tia Maria and Coke or the porn star Martini for Christmas, but I didn’t even think about it.

Carl Woods flaunts white teeth, Katie Price takes a nap in the corner
Katie is currently dating Carl Woods.

There is no alcohol in her house. The star continued to explain: “There is no alcohol in my house and I don’t drink alcohol at all. This is a new normal for me.

“I looked back on how I was and I didn’t want it from anyone. I didn’t know when I ate enough and it could all be an increase in exposure. I don’t want to be that way again.

“I’ve grown up, I’ve gotten stronger, I don’t need to run away or numb my emotions anymore.

“It was a bad year for many, but it was a good year because I met Karl and organized myself.”