Kate Ferdinand shares her stepdaughter’s sweet reaction after doing hair and makeup for the first time in six weeks.

Kate Ferdinand revealed that she enjoyed her first moment after giving birth to her son Cree six weeks ago.

The 29-year-old, who didn’t have the easiest time to adjust to motherhood, revealing that she suffers from anxiety, shared her fabulous snaps with her full makeup, including foundation, bronzer, via Instagram feed. Create a vibrant color with mascara and pink lip gloss.

The former TOWIE star wore a V-neck long-sleeved top and smiled at the photo. To 1.4 million fans, 9-year-old stepdaughter Tia’s reaction was “Kate is back!”

Kate Ferdinand got her first makeover in six weeks.
Kate Ferdinand got her first makeover in six weeks.

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In the caption, she said, “Today was a good day. I had my first hair & makeup in 6 weeks…. Tia’s words were…’Kate is back'”, followed by a shocked emoji and a green tick emoji .

The new mother, who is also the stepmother of her husband Rio’s son Lorenz (14 and 12 years old Tate), continued to announce that she had registered her baby Cree.

Kate shared a lovely family snap.
Kate’s stepdaughter said: “Kate is back!”

“I went to register Cree (without him because of Covid rules)…” she explained. “So, for the first time in six weeks, I left the house with no children and no dogs… I shouted “Woohoo” as I went. I’m not kidding! [sic]

“I want moms to feel me here. We love our kids so much, but it was nice to go out and think peacefully without being told wow,’Where are Kate, Kate and Kate?’ !

“I was jealous of Rio, putting on his aftershave with a bit of spring on his steps while I seemed to be dragged by the fence and leaving for work wearing a suit and boots!!”

Kate Ferdinand'pain from baby blues'
Kate registered her newborn son.

Kate Ferdinand shared her favorite looks during pregnancy, including invisible vacation photos.

Before signing, she added: “It was a good day anyway… Now I’m back home crazy. With a little more patience in my pjs (I don’t know how long it takes) X”, an ear wink emoji.

Ex-professional footballer, husband Rio, 42, immediately replied to a surprising snap when he wrote “you noticed the aftershave” with two smiley emoticons. He added: “Wine poem?!”

And with her many celebrity friends, Georgia Kousoulou and Vas Morgan, who are waiting for her first child, said “Beauty” with a red heart emoticon.

Kate Ferdinand'pain from baby blues'
Kate’s husband, Rio, was forced to joke about the image.

And fans can resonate with her posts, as one person wrote: “I always said that I love kids and spend time with them, but I also need space and time for myself. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll tell anyone. Who listens!! So containment wasn’t easy at all!! I’m glad you had a nice day x “. [sic]

“Every mom feels what you wrote, but not everyone admits it! xx”

The third is, “Wow is totally resonant! I had to find a dentist I hated, but Wow, while having root canals #littlethingsinlife, it felt like a treat to open the door and lie down peacefully without a child.” With smiley emoticons.