Kate Ferdinand says her feelings are’everywhere’ and’feeling overwhelmed’ after giving birth.

Kate Ferdinand revealed her feelings “everywhere” after giving birth to her newborn son, Kree, last month.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Kate, 29, introduced her beloved son to the world on Christmas Eve, after which she honestly revealed to fans how she adapts to her feelings and motherhood.

Kate invited 1.4 million fans to ask questions in an Instagram Q&A session about her story.

Rio Ferdinand’s wife shared a photo of a white rose in her Instagram story and put a “Happy Sunday” and a white heart emoji on top.

Kate Ferdinand said her feelings "Everywhere" After giving birth to a son, Kree
After Kate Ferdinand gave birth to her son, Krie, her feelings were “everywhere”.

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She added: “I have a very sleepy house this morning, but it’s still quiet… Please ask a question,” he added, and then added a box for fans to add questions.

In her next post, Kate shared the same snapshot of a bunch of white roses and revealed that a fan asked “How do you feel?” followed by a red heart emoji.

After sharing a baby body with a recent bruise, Kate, thanks to her fans’ support, opened the door to her followers.

She wrote: “I feel better every day slowly, it’s a gradual recovery, and I’m taking it really easy, but it’s nice to see some improvement every day,” followed by a star emoji.

Kate and Rio Ferdinand introduced their lovely baby son Cree to the world on Christmas Eve.
Kate and Rio Ferdinand introduced their lovely baby son Cree to the world on Christmas Eve.

Kate has her feelings "Everywhere" As she opens up to the fans
Kate opened her mind to the fans and said her feelings were “everywhere.”

In her marriage to Rio’s three children, Lorenz, Tate, Tia, and Rebecca Ellison, the new mother Kate added: “Heart on my sleeve”, followed by a white heart emoticon.

Kate confessed: “After birth, my feelings are still scattered here and there. I cry often. I am so happy with the newly added beautiful products, but I often experience moments of overwhelming.

“I don’t know the weather coming and going on most days.” [sic] A smiley face emoticon follows.

Blonde beauty Kate has also been asked by fans how her dog Ronnie adapts to having a newborn baby.

Kate explained that her dog Ronnie doesn't get used to having a baby at home.
Kate explained that her dog Ronnie doesn’t get used to having a baby at home.

She shared a photo of her puppy lying on a blanket in front of her newborn Cree’s feet, explaining: “I’m not really happy to sit with me for the first time two weeks after coming home from the hospital.

“He ignores me and still does most of the time I have Cree,” followed by a shocked face emoji.

Kate continued, “He literally turns his head and moves away from me.

“He also went home twice, and he was very different. Apparently it seems to be protesting change. I’m trying to pay attention to him, but he’s really not happy with my appearance.

After “New Baby, Locked… and Dumb Dog” comes an emoticon shrugging.