Kangana Ranaut tested positive for Covid-19, short-term flu

A recent celebrity who has responded positively to Corona 19 surprisingly doesn’t acknowledge the severity of the virus, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut, who used Instagram to publish unfortunate news after being permanently banned from Twitter.

that much queen The star confessed that he felt fatigue and weakness before taking the exam because he was planning to travel to Himachal.

“I’ve been tired and debilitated over the past few days with a slight burning sensation in my eyes. I wanted to go to friction, so I took a test yesterday and I got results today. I’m positive for nose beads,” she announced.

Saying she’s in quarantine, the actor opened up about how the virus surprised her despite being in a country struggling to fight the epidemic.

“I isolated myself. I didn’t know that this virus was throwing a party on my body. Now I know I’m going to demolish it. People don’t give you any strength. If you’re scared it’s you. It would be more frightening.

She said, “Let’s destroy this Covid-19. It’s just a small flu that has caused so much media and now excites few people. Har Har Mahadev,” she said.

We can’t talk because it comes from someone who has recently planted more trees as a way to advise people in critical condition and use oxygen cylinders to return oxygen. I wish the actor a quick recovery.