Juggun Kazim shares postpartum weight loss travel and diet planFashionMeg

By Fashion Meg: Looking more beautiful than ever, her new mother, Kajim, began her weight loss journey as soon as she brought her little joy to the world.

The TV show host has been heated on social media about relying on intermittent fasting as a means to lose all of the weight (88 kg) gained during pregnancy.

“I’m following the 16-8 formula because I’m eating. That is, I fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. I eat my first meal at 10 am and my last meal at 6 pm,” she said. This is the process that gives her the best results, he added.

“If you have to come, we will speed up the time. We will try to eat it by 2 pm so that you can have the last meal at 10 pm.”

Kazim, who promotes a healthy diet, explained that breakfast starts the day with a glass of jira (cumin) and water, boiled eggs, or two scrambled eggs. “When I’m hungry again, I eat fruit salads like oranges, apples, or guavas, so I keep my fruit intake balanced and don’t eat it all when lunch is served.” She generally avoids bananas but eats bananas if they lack potassium or facet joint pain.

“I usually eat small cups of boiled brown rice for lunch, but basically Salan Kajim also laughed at the fact that making diet foods every day was cumbersome and expensive.

“Whatever gravy you have at home, it’s great if you eat it with a vegetable salad (iceberg, tomato, lemon, chili, black pepper, salt) or meat with lentils, or add it to yogurt. Soup.” After that, she eats another fruit, then a pure protein-based meal at 6 pm.

“I try to make the last meal high protein,” he adds, adding that the Pakistani barbecue is very delicious.

“You’re getting amazing results with this. Initially it was 2-3 kg per week, but now it’s more stable and I’ve lost a few pounds per week. You can try intermittent fasting as well, but remember if you eat the same diet every day, you’re going crazy. “She said, encouraging innovation with food.

“If you can afford it, you can add shrimp to your meal too, but don’t forget to always add fruit and water to your meal to avoid constipation.” Kajim also suggested growing at least 8 to 10 hours. “You don’t think of food when you’re sleeping,” she laughed.

She advised that before embarking on the journey towards losing weight, everyone should consult with a nutritionist or some sort of expert and complete the multivitamin requirements to address the deficiency problem.

“But at the end of the day, remember that you are beautiful of any size.”

that much Vasl On October 9, 2020, the actor met her third child with her husband Feisal Naqvi and announced that the daughter’s name was Syeda Noor Bano Naqvi.

Previously, Kajim revealed in a heartbreaking post on social media how she didn’t reveal her pregnancy due to her miscarriage and unstable pregnancy, which made people embarrassed about her assuming she just gained weight.

“We have to stop embarrassing others. People who are overweight know they are overweight. Weight gain can occur for several reasons, some may be desirable and some may not. Yes, some people Silver should encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle. But unless you are someone’s mother or sister, don’t tell me what you think of their bodies,” she said.