Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez say they are still together.

J-Lo and A-Rod are still J-Rod.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez said the split report was inaccurate and that work is in progress.

Several reports based on anonymous sources a day ago reported that the pop star actor and former baseball master canceled their two-year engagement. The couple started dating in early 2017.

“All reports are not accurate,” said a joint statement “Jennifer and Alex” that officials emailed to the Associated Press on Saturday. “We are working on a few things.”

that much New York Post Page Six reported for the first time that the pair had split.

Three years ago, he was nicknamed’Jroad’. Vanity fair magazine.

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Unnamed source people The magazine pair never officially broke up, but they talked about it.

Sources added that the rumors linking A-Rod with TV reality show stars “has nothing to do with the rough patch.”

“She works in the Dominican Republic and he is in Miami, so it’s difficult to meet each other, especially through quarantine and Covid,” the source said. people.

Lopez, who sang at the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden in January, said he had postponed the wedding two times due to the epidemic late last year.

She began her career as a dancer and singer, starring and making films in 2019. Trickster.

Rodriguez hit 696 homers in 22 years, retiring in 2016, placing fourth on Major League Baseball’s all-time homer list.

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