‘I’m so upset’ Mark Wright finds out that James Argent’s weight has increased to 26 seats

James Argent said he was “too upset” after Mark Wright discovered that Arg’s weight had risen to 26 seats.

33-year-old Arg says she weighs 26 seats and is ready to undergo stomach band surgery to save her life.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star said he gained weight after stopping exercise and replacing drinks and drugs with fast food during the coronavirus containment.

Celebrating a recent year of sobriety, Arg admitted that “I don’t want to die,” but doctors warned that he should lose weight.

James Argent opened up plans for weight gain and stomach band surgery.

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Arg and Mark Wright are longtime BFFs, and Arg said he was “too upset” when Mark and his footballer, his brother Josh Wright, found out that his friend’s weight had increased significantly.

Arg told The Sun, “Mark is my inspiration. He spent life together and built a successful career with a healthy, healthy and wonderful wife.

“There’s no reason you can’t achieve all of this when you lose weight.

Mark Wright was “too angry” to learn that Arg’s weight goes up to 26 seats.

“He wanted to help me and said,’Get on the scales.’ It’s embarrassing, but I’m so upset to see me getting close to 27 seats.

“We joked because we were always chubby, but this time Mark just said’Arg, this is no longer funny, this is serious.’

“And he is right. No one wants to work with me or take me seriously.

James Argent praises Gemma Collins for calling an ambulance and supporting him during his relapse.
Mark and Arg have been close friends for many years.

“I don’t have a girlfriend because I’m too self-conscious and I don’t have the confidence to take my clothes off.

“I bought this big family home a few years ago to settle down, but now I live here alone without my family.

“The other day I had to ask the manager to put on my shoes because I couldn’t. My belly is too big. I can’t make my shoelaces.”

Arg is now deciding which gastric band surgery to undergo. He can choose between bypass surgery, where parts of the stomach are stapled together, or sleeve gastrectomy, which removes a large part of the stomach.

Both jobs, costing around £10,000 each, will reduce the amount of food Arg can eat.

He explained: “I’m getting a consultation within a few weeks to decide what to do. It’s really scary, but I have to do my best to keep my weight on forever.”

Arg is grateful for the support from fans since revealing plans for the surgery.

James Argent said he "Very proud" He's been drunk for a year
James Argent hasn’t been drunk for a year.

He shared his old photos on Instagram and told his fans that he wanted to return to a healthy and happy mood.

He wrote: “Thank you for all your support. I was overwhelmed by your kindness. I was so nervous when I was interviewing because I didn’t want to face the fact that my eating disorder was getting better again, but it’s time to be honest with myself and put my health first. Enough!

“My dream is to be happy and healthy like this photo, I loved myself and felt confident!

“Thank you for giving me advice on weight loss surgery. I’ve been fighting for years and I’ve been thinking hard for a long time.

“I know people will have their opinions, but that’s my itinerary and I’ll go it. I hope to get back to my best at once!