I’m A Celebrity Star Jordan North admits that his unfortunate charitable mistake left him’out of the pocket’

I made a mistake while celebrity number 2 Jordan North was hosting a charity fundraising event in her hometown.

Radio 1 star, 30, turned to Facebook to raise money for the Pendleside Hospice in his hometown of Burnley.

And while hosting it, he read the numbers people needed to text them to buy lottery tickets.

Jordan North’s charity mistake got him out of his pocket

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It was 20 minutes later that someone told the star that he had read the wrong number, but Jordan double checked and still believed he was right.

However, those numbers weren’t really accurate, and people’s donations were donated to the Greyhound charity instead of the intended Pendleside Hospice.

Jordan talked about his mistakes while hosting a radio show, explaining that “this Greyhound charity suddenly received a lot of text donations, but the charity I was trying to raise wasn’t.”

Due to the star’s mistake, people donated to the Greyhound charity instead of the intended hospital.

However, Jordan, who recently revealed that he had suffered a secret’melt down’ in’I’m A Celeb’, promised that the hospice would not miss the donation and replenish it with his own funds.

He went on to tell Radio 1 listeners, “I personally think I’m running out of pockets.”

He also wrote on Twitter: “Thanks to everyone who took the @PendlesideHosp quiz tonight.

The star admitted that despite his fake wave, the hospice would not miss a donation.

“I’m sorry if you made a donation to the Greyhound charity. I will sort it out, I promise. (Don’t ask. It can only happen to me.)”

“The Greyhound wasn’t harmed in the process.”

It comes out after Jordan’s fake-selling star reveals about his post-I’m A Celebrity popularity.

Recently, 30-year-old IAM A Celebrity popular post opened

The 30-year-old admitted that he was so popular after the show that he should block fans sending X-rated snaps on Instagram.

Jordan says he has 675,000 followers on social media platforms, but is overflowing with sexy photos and dirty sex requests.

Speaking of the attention he receives, Jordan said in the Help I Sexted My Boss podcast:

Jordan North, Jordan North is planning a new smile because he doesn't like his teeth I'm A Celeb
The star had to block fans sending X-rated snaps on Instagram.

“Random couples ask if they want to participate. Someone keeps sending photos. Still, I’m not looking at it, but I blocked it.”

The radio star went on to say: “I learned a lesson a few weeks ago. Opened the picture while scrolling. Again, I almost suffocated my beer! I said,’Is it a mole or a piercing?’

Jordan took second place on the hit show, after winner Giovanna Fletcher, beating Vernon Kay and Shane Richie in second place.

This was a close request as 35-year-old Giovanna got 50.27% of the vote and Jordan got 49.73%.