If you have a complicated relationship with your parents, Hania Aamir delivers you a message.

Mother’s Day is a wholesome and celebrated day for most people, but those who have a tense relationship with their mother can feel regret. Hania Aamir says it’s okay to understand this and feel this way given the disconnected relationship with his father.

The actor shared his thoughts, wishing fans a happy Mother’s Day by uploading a video to Instagram.

“I share something very personal,” she said. “Father lives. Healthy and healthy, but not connected for personal reasons. I don’t feel best on Father’s Day because I don’t talk to each other. I love him. Don’t imagine that he will not be in this world anymore.” She said.

“Today’s Mother’s Day and I was thinking that my mother was gone or there were too many people who weren’t talking, and I thought all these posts would make them annoying and even sad.” Parwaz Hai Junoon Said the actor.

The actor probably admitted that he couldn’t feel his pain. “I just wanted to admit to coming here and seeing you if you go through something like this, and that’s okay,” she said.

She struggled to recommend how people should behave in such a situation or what to do to feel better, but she said it on Father’s Day, but just let it pass.

“I am sending a lot of love and warmest hugs here,” she asked people to hang on to. “You got this!” She added.

Relationships with parents are complex, and there is also a constant struggle that intensifies with age due to all the love and care found in them. People grow up to develop their own opinions, ideas, and plans that may not always be in line with their parents’ wishes and often lead to complications.

There aren’t all solutions to these problems or the feelings that arise as a result, but it’s important to remember what you share. Nothing is better than a parent’s love for their children.

However, if you do not have a relationship with your parents or have a tense relationship, we will repeat Aamir’s words and wait a moment. You got this