Iain Stirling hints that Love Island could go to England this year after I had a celeb success in Wales.

Iain Stirling dropped a hint that you could make Love Island in England this summer.

Uncertainty about when the coronavirus restrictions will be lifted means producers are already thinking of a backup plan.

ITV shows usually come from Majorca, a hotspot where romance hunters regularly enjoy their 30s fever.

But it could also be shaken with executives who are desperately worried to avoid last year’s repetition when the popular program had to be completely stopped.

Love Island narrator Iain Stirling says the transition to England works.

One answer is to follow the lead of I’m A Celebrity, where Love Island voiceover star Iain thinks, making the show in the UK.

Wales welcomed the cameras of Gwrych Castle, and the show commonly shot in the Australian jungle was a huge success.

Iain hopes the ITV2 show will resume, but the filming location is still unclear.

He asked what would happen as the case of Corona 19 surged again. “Let’s see what happens.

Paige and Finn's parents first met at a Love Island Villa, where they became quick friends.
Fear is growing that Mallorca may not be able to shoot the show again.

Laura Whitmore and Ian Sterling's stunning London home, inside the Garden Pub
Iain presented Bognor as an ideal replacement!

“As I said, I’m not sure, but at some point it can be quite fun to see the Love Island participants embracing the beaches of Bognor Regis.

“When the seagull is removed from the plate and can’t eat dinner…

“I did a really good job with the celebrities. It was a very fun and good season.”

The application for 2021 has already been published and there are no details on where the reality show will be filmed.

Twins [Eve and Jess] Enter the villa.
Love Island didn’t air last year.

The casting website says, “ITV2 is looking for lively singles who are looking for love across the UK!

“Our islanders spend time in luxury villas looking for love, but staying in paradise has to win the hearts of the public and fellow islanders who ultimately decide their fate on Love Island.

“If you think you have what you need, we’d love to hear from you!”

The show stopped last year, and ITV’s television director Kevin Lygo said: “We tried all the way to make Love Island this summer.

“But it’s impossible to produce in a way that protects the well-being of everyone who is logically involved, and we have a priority.

“Under normal circumstances we will soon be ready to travel to a place in Mallorca to prepare the villa, but now there is no question.”