‘I was a troll,’ Chrissy Teigen apologized for bullying celebrities on Twitter.

You may have noticed Chrissy Teigen’s absence on social media recently, the wife of American model and singer John Legend. The often sarcastic Twitter user took a step back from social media after being accused of harassing and harassing actress Courtney Stoden on Twitter a decade ago.

She recently posted a long apology on social media asking for forgiveness.

After marrying 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, 16-year-old Courtney became an internet sensation overnight when trolls called her all sorts of nasty names and hinted at her that she was only in a relationship for money. And one of those trolls was Teigen, who not only tweeted her horrendous tweets, but took even more steps to personally message her about her insults. Some said she “can’t wait for her to die.”

Doug and Courtney divorced last year, and she has since opened up about her painful experiences and being bullied by Teigen. The model is dealing with “the weight of clear regret”, regretting what she wrote and saying “it deserves global punishment”.

“You know, my old terrifying (horrible, terrible) tweet came back to me. It’s really embarrassing.” “While I look at them and understand the hurt they have caused, I must stop and wonder: ‘How could I have done that?'”

Then, acknowledging that she had no excuse for her “horrible tweets”, she added a process of personally contacting Stodden and others who had been treated similarly to her.

“My goal didn’t deserve it. No one. Many of them needed empathy, kindness, understanding and support, not my mean, which many of them pretended to be some sort of plain, sharp humor,” she wrote. “I was a troll, it was a period. I’m so sorry.”

The model also added that at first her social media use was limited to jokes and observations. But it was her immaturity that made her think she was cool by using the platform to steal some celebrities.

“Actually, I was insecure and immature, and I was living in a world where I thought strangers needed to impress in order to be accepted,” she admitted. “I wasn’t attacking random avatars, I was hurting young women (who were still girls) with emotions,” she added. She contacted Courtney personally, but added that she should apologize because her rudeness was exposed. Too.

“I’m so sorry, Courtney. Now that I know how sorry I am, I hope I can be healed,” she said.

Courtney forgave her, but posted a screenshot online, claiming that Teigen had blocked her.

“I accept her apology and forgive her, but the truth remains the same. I’ve never personally heard of her or her camp,” she said.

“Actually, she blocked me on Twitter. I would like to believe this is a sincere apology, but I have a feeling that her public attempt to seek a partnership with another brand realizing her awake has broken records.”

After Teigen posted an apology, designer Michael Costello said he still had “suicidal thoughts” after being bullied by Teigen for fake screenshots circulated under his name a few years ago. After publicly disclosing the matter, he went public about how shocked he was of the bullying and went on to do it for him.

He claimed that Teigen did not listen to him and formed his opinion, despite the fact that the Photoshop image was eventually found to be false by Instagram. But when he reached out to explain what had happened, “She told me my career was over and all my doors would be closed from now on”.

Costello said he went to the point of threatening to end his career, calling him a racist and saying “he deserves to die”. He revealed that her words still haunt him to this day.