How to take an Instagram-worthy selfie, a lecture by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Selfie isn’t a novel concept, but it’s about posting pictures that focus only on yourself and yourself. There aren’t any nice backgrounds or props to shift the focus even a little on the photo. And Bilawal Bhutto Zardari exudes confidence in the selfies he posted on Saturday.

It’s not like a politician in his 30s who hasn’t posted a picture of himself before. However, this is a close-up and has all the productions of Instagram-worthy selfies. We’re used to seeing influencers and bloggers posting, but the type coming from the PPP chairman certainly made us double.

The BBZ is a clear reference to the soaring temperatures that Sind is experiencing in the picture “Summer. Is. Here.”

So, what exactly did the descendants of Bhutto-Zardari get from their selfies and what lessons could the Insta people take away from it?


Anyone can take a selfie, but not everyone can vomit. Let’s not beat around the bushes: BBZ’s earthenware is the focal point of the photo, not to be ashamed, and we can just ask. Where is this spring of confidence discovered by Bilawal and can he point us?

Smize or smoke

Remember Tyra Banks and’Resize’? Click here If you need a review. So we’re pretty sure what BBZ is doing is the smizing version, but it’s more intense. So that’s lesson #2. To really get your attention, go with an easily smoky gaze.

Intentionally tangled hair

Okay, Bilawal, you are not fooling anyone. I know there’s not just one lock on your forehead. But that’s totally okay. We don’t judge. We were impressed with how you did your messy’au naturel’ hair look.

Follow the light

Is it lighting or skin? We never know. For those who take selfies as we know it, lighting is everything. Proper lighting can highlight all the right features, in this case giving Bilawal’s face a natural Huda Kattan-like contour. Also, if Bilawal didn’t use the filter, can you tell me the glands of the smooth skin (or at least share his skin care routine)?

eyebrows on fleek

This is more of a “if you have it, show it off” type of tip. If you have naturally thick eyebrows, learn to shake them. Thankfully, the pencil-thin eyebrows of the 90s were long gone, and now it’s all about tighter eyebrows. South Asians naturally have thick eyebrows, but if you still want some tips and tricks, click here.