How to build good habits, habits and free habits tracker to have

Habits, Free Habit Tracker & How To Make Good Habits

Why a habit?

Habit. Those are things we do over and over again. Good habits, bad habits, and habits that you no longer think about, such as brushing your teeth, are automatic.

In this article, we’ll cover taking good actions you want or need and turn it into a habit. This positive behavior can help you exercise, eat healthy, or wake up at 5 am. These are habits that are not yet unconscious, but I want to try to get there.

If you want to get started or if you’re currently working on making good habits and want a way to track your habits, you’re in the right place! Learn how to form habits, examples of good habits, and track habits in Habit Tracker.

How to form a habit

If you want to learn more about the science of habit formation, be sure to read this book. Charles Duhigg’s Power of Habit or James Clear’s Atomic Habit. Each of them is great and has considerable depth of habits and how habits are formed.

Here is a brief summary of each.

Charles Duhigg’s Summary of the Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg's Summary of the Power of HabitThe book The power of habit It conveys that there are three main elements of habit: clue, routine and reward.

The clue is the trigger to get into that habit.

The routine is what you do constantly.

The reward serves to solidify your mind that this habit is a good thing, and you should keep doing it.

“Habits are formulas that our brain automatically follows. If I look at CUE, I will do ROUTINE to receive REWARD.”

This book teaches that starting a new habit requires clues to spark your routine and expects to be rewarded.

You can also use this method to turn a bad habit into a good one. Turn your routine into a positive habit you want to achieve. You should also have strong rewards that motivate you to change those habits, and you should also believe that you can change your negative routine.

Atomic Habit from James Clear Summary

Atomic Habit from James Clear Summary Along a similar line The power of habit, atomic habit Explain that there are four steps to implementing a habit. There are four ways you can create a habit.

Here, James adds craving and changes the word routine for response. So the pattern is Clues, longings, reactions and rewards. He explains that habits are focused on the reward itself.

A clue is a note to your consciousness that you have a reward to receive.

Longing is the motivation to change in order to receive that reward.

Response is the action you will take to get rewarded.

The reward is the positive reinforcement, or habit, you get by completing an action.

Also, if you want to change your behavior, the pattern should be clear, attractive, easy and satisfying.

And use the habit tracker to record when you complete the good habits you want every day. The habit tracker suggestions for this book are what I use consistently. I’ve seen so many benefits of this tracking approach, so I’d love to share it with you. Download the same template you use for free below!

How long it takes to form a habit

The time it takes to form a habit varies from person to person and from habit to habit. There are significant fluctuations, and the number of days you can expect is not established.

In my research i Research in the European Journal It can take 18 to 254 days to form a new habit.

It won’t be fast, and you have to truly have aspiration and dedication to form this new good habit.

Habit tracker

If you are committed to making positive changes and need a way to keep your habits consistent, tracking them can help you stay accountable. Habit Tracker makes it easy to track, stay consistent, and remember good habits.

Now this sounds like an official habit tracker. Need a new habit to keep track of all your habits? Haha, well. I recently reviewed how to write an SOP with a team member who needed to write an SOP. Is it required? No, but it makes the process easier.

There are several ways you can track your habits. Let me show you how to track the habit of not buying anything. It could cost 10 cents if you don’t have a printer at home.

What is a habit tracker

Habit tracker is just what the name suggests. How to track your habits. It’s essentially very simple and doesn’t have to be complicated.

There is Habit journalYou can buy books, books and other items to help you track your habits, but I’ve opted for the easy free method right now because I’m at home now and I love to have my habit tracker in the fridge, front, center. everyday.

Reasons to track your habits

Habit Tracker’s goal is for consistency and positive reinforcement, and it also provides months of data. If you are serious about taking this new habit deep into your daily life and knowing that if you stick to it it will make a big difference in your life, track your habits!

There are many good habits I want to do, such as quitting sugar or getting rid of unnecessary TV watching, for me, They won’t make or break the momentum in my life. I am committed to life-changing good habits, and those are the things I track.

Also, there are so many habits you can track, but once you get into the habit of running them every day without the need to strengthen, you no longer need to add them to your tracking sheet.

For example, I don’t track goal creation every day because I’ve already done that. I’ve been writing my daily goals for about 4 years now. I don’t write a journal or thank you every morning.

You have to track the habit You have to work. They are the ones you struggle with doing every day.

Skip to the section if you want to know the habits I’m tracking. Good habits i track.

Habit tracking for reminders

If you have a habit tracker where you can see it, it reminds you every time you look at the habit tracker. There is a habit tracker in the refrigerator. I will probably see it more than 10 times a day. So every time it reinforces my habit and my determination to check every box.

If you don’t stand out, you’re out of your mind, and you’re more likely to forget to complete or confirm the habit of the day. It’s a good idea to start simple right now and use a printable one. I created an account below that you can download and use for free!

Habit tracking for motivation

If you check the day, you have no choice but to be happy. Whenever I highlight the little squares of the day for each habit, I feel excited and motivated and add a positive reinforcement cycle.

You want to be positive, motivated, and a constant cycle of practicing good habits every day. Tracking your daily habits will help. It keeps them in mind and knows that if you miss a day, you can do better right away.

How to track your habits

Now there are many journals you can buy to keep track of your habits. They are a very good habit tracking journal, and I recommend you get one after you know that you have been tracking your habits for months and are using the journal you have purchased.

Also, if you’re traveling, it can be useful to buy these journals, so you can keep a lot of paper in one place instead of putting them together.

I use a simple habit tracker I made.

Habit Tracker Template

How to track habits-Free Habit Tracker Printab;  e

Here’s a free habit tracker you can download and use to get started tracking your habits. Designed with everything you want on your tracker in mind. Overall it is very simple and easy to use.

This monthly habit tracker is a blank template where you can write the date and month. This is when you want to be a little creative and use different colors for each habit or month. When you’re done with your day’s habits, use a highlighter to fill in each box. The Wall Tracker tracks both Peter and my habits, so each uses a different highlighter color.

We hope you can print this monthly habit tracker! Share it with someone who might benefit from a friend, coworker or sister.

Good habits i track

Now that you know how to build a habit, how long it takes to form a habit, and what a habit tracker is, let’s take a look at some of the good habits I’m tracking.

Reminder, I’m only actively tracking new habits or habits that I haven’t adhered to, and I need some notifications to continue. I don’t add to the habit tracker what I’m already doing every day, I don’t need reminders like drinking lots of water, journaling, writing goals, etc.

Fitness habits

I trace the general term “fitness”. Sometimes I do yoga, sometimes run or trail run, sometimes do strength exercises. If your basic form of fitness is running, you can track “running” as a habit.

No matter how fun I am with fitness, I need motivation to do it. Not only do you want to exercise, but if you had the option, you wouldn’t, so we track it.

Another little trick I use to keep working out is to participate in fitness challenges. If you don’t exercise regularly, there are consequences.

Reading 1 hour a day

If you like to read personal development books, you’ve probably read Brian Tracy’s book. I have listened to his audio education a lot and read a lot of books, and one thing he always emphasizes is reading for at least an hour a day.

It can seem like a lot at first, and if the day is tight, it can feel like you have to find the time. There are stacks of books you want to read, book them in the morning and complete them by the end of the day if necessary. I’ve always tried to read it every day, but since it’s around 30 to 40 minutes, I’m trying to turn an hour into an easy daily action.


Depending on the time of reading this post, it has become a bit difficult to maintain a positive attitude if the COVID continues to occur or if it is the time after the COVID. The end of March and April of 2020 were the most mentally tough times for me, and it took a lot of effort to maintain a positive attitude.

One day, I set a fitness goal and decided it was time to get up from the floor and take a positive position. So I added it to the habit tracker.

I have to be very sincere about myself and Peter is also a board that sounds good. 🙂 My attitude has changed, I’m much happier, things have changed dramatically. The positivity has the greatest impact on your daily life and your life.

Wake up at 5 am

Like or hate it. You achieve a lot when you wake up at 5 am. Woke up at 5am and wrote a full post about why it continues. If you need some tips on how to get up early, read that post.

Before 7 pm

Some habits are the beginning of others. This way you can help or hinder what’s coming next. Eating dinner is one such habit for me. Eating dinner early can help you sleep better, so you’re more likely to get up at 5 AM.

The same goes for the 5am habit. If you don’t get up early, you can’t read, write, exercise, or journal. So if you want to achieve all the things that make you feel good in a day, you have to get up early. The more you try to build a habit in the day, the more important it becomes to have good time management.

Other good habit ideas

Here are some other ideas for other good habits to keep track of. They choose the one that suits you depending on where you are on this journey.

  • Healthy eating
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Saving money
  • Make bed every morning
  • Daily meditation
  • Journal daily
  • Phone family
  • Daily walking
  • Sleep more than 7 hours every day
  • Floss every day
  • Cut or reduce alcohol.
  • Remove artificial sugar from your diet
  • Caffeine restriction
  • Write daily goals
  • Arrive early
  • Don’t procrastinate

What habits are you tracking?

Do you track your habits?

What is a good habit of wanting to start tracking?

Let me know in the comments!

Keep stylish,