Holly Willoughby and Myleene Klass won Dancing on Ice ahead of the show.

Dancing on Ice judges Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean have said they haven’t decided on a winner yet, but Holly Willoughby has confessed that Myleene Klass has their abilities.

Former Hear’Say singer Myleene will go against ITV skate shows like Jason Donavan, Rebekah Vardy, Faye Brooks on Coronation Street, Capital presenter Sonny Jay, and Mummy Diaries star Billie Shepherd.

Holly spoke in a webinar with Jane, Chris, and co-host Philip Scofield about her hopes for this year’s competition, and then confessed that Myleene had every chance to win the show with “musicality”.

Holly Willoughby supports Myleene Klass to win Dancing on Ice
Holly Willoughby supports Myleene Klass to win Dancing on Ice

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The comments from The Host This Morning came after Phillip asked Torvill and Dean, “If you look where we are now, did Jane and Chris pick the winners?”

“I can’t say that right now! no way. There are some bets though.

“We write it down on paper, hand it over to each other, and then open it at the end of the series to see who wins.”

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby discuss Dancing on Ice in a webinar.
Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby again host a new series.

Without hesitation, Holly excitedly announced: “I think I’m going to Myleene!

“I think she has musicality because she is a musician. Anyway, she is an actor and I think she will fall in love with it.”

Phil added: “I like it,” Holly explained clearly. “That’s nothing based!”

Myleene Klass has three children.
Myleene Klass has three children and is excited to learn new skills.

When Myleene, engaged to 45-year-old Simon Motson, became the first celebrity to be announced as part of the star’s united lineup, she said: Confirm! magazine: “I have two daughters who are obsessed with ice skating.

“We both skate because we’re really close to the ice rink, but my job is to tie the shoelaces and grab the coat.”

The radio host went on to find out the real reason for her participation in the ice dance competition.

Holly Willoughby said Myleene Klass "Musicality"
Holly Willoughby says that Myleene Klass has “musicality.”

“I’m a stepmother of three and two. And when will a mother like me have the opportunity to learn new skills and get away with a bum like J.Lo’s? That’s the real reason. Here it is! Shared.

While Holly betting her to win this year’s trophy, Myleene confessed to being afraid of ice. “I’m afraid my piano fingers are rolling. I feel like protecting my fingers.

“As I said so, I love the fact that I’m leaving for a new technology, a new ass, a nice wardrobe!”