Helen Flanagan fans were convinced that the star was expecting a baby because the bump was’on the front’.

Fans of Helen Flanagan were convinced that she would have a beautiful baby.

Coronation Street star, best known for playing the role of Rosie Webster in the ITV soap opera, shared a nice photo of baby bumps in bloom on her Instagram feed.

The snapshot showed the actress posing for a mirror selfie in her bathroom. She wore a beige color with high waist black pants and styled the mane with a high ponytail.

In the caption, she asked 967,000 followers, “A boy or a girl?” And they didn’t hesitate to comment on them, as celebrity friend Charley Webb wrote, “I thought of a girl, but now I’m talking about a boy. And a white heart emoticon followed.

Helen Flanagan convinced fans that she has a baby.
Helen Flanagan convinced fans that she has a baby.

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The 30-year-old, who recently said she wants to marry her fiance Scott Sinclair “next year”, has clearly persuaded many fans that, depending on the shape of her belly, she will have a boy as one guessed.

They wrote: “The boy is on the front.” According to the second agreement: “I think the same… Boy, the boy is on the front.” With two heart eyes emoticons, red heart emoticons and two blue heart emoticons.

Thousands of others have expressed their consent by posting the simple word “boy” or sharing multiple blue heart emoticons in response to it.

Helen recently told fans that she has no plans to have more children after her third pregnancy.

Helen Flanagan says that her third pregnancy will be her last.
Helen said that her third pregnancy would be her last.

Although the actress looks sensational as she turns 3 months pregnant, Helen said she did not feel like herself with her third child during her pregnancy.

Helen, who announced her third pregnancy last September, on Instagram about struggling with chronic ailments and back pain, emphasized why her pregnancy wasn’t a happy experience for her and she didn’t want to go through it again.

Doting mom revealed that she no longer had hyperemesis gravidarum because she put her thoughts together with a beautiful snap in a lingerie photo shoot by Pour Moi.

“Finally in the third quarter. It’s been 7 months now,” she started.

Helen Flanagan says the third pregnancy was not a happy experience.
Helen explained that the third pregnancy was not a happy experience.

“I found this pregnancy to be definitely a challenge after having a gravi darum overpregnancy, and I haven’t felt myself at all since getting pregnant. I still have nausea most of the day, but I’m grateful that I no longer have that ravi darum hyperactivity. Do the girls work with your mom.”

She went on to say: “I feel anxious about work. I always had a little fear of giving birth, and I was really lucky to be able to do two positive jobs, but before giving birth, I was afraid.” continued.

“The midwife is really amazing. This time I’m trying a hypnosis course. For me, I’m doing a lot worse work in my head than real labor.”

The Rosie Webster star continued to talk about her back pain, revealing that her daughters Matilda and Delilah needed Scott’s help when they went to bed.

Helen Flanagan opened up on Instagram about back pain and excessive vomiting.
Helen Flanagan opened up on Instagram about back pain and excessive vomiting.

She explained: “I truly want to love a girl or a boy. I have three girls and sisters together, I have a gang of girls, and I would love having a son to a young boy equally because it’s a whole new experience. I’m lucky not to have such an easy time and to hang out with other women close to me.” [sic]

Helen concluded the post by claiming that she doesn’t want another child after having her third baby next year.

“This is definitely my last pregnancy. I had Matilda at the age of 24 and I wanted the kids to be close to each other and it seems to be just right for me. I won’t ever want to go through vomiting again, it won’t be fair to the kids I already have, and I want to pay as much attention to each one as each other. “She added.

“I thought I would be sad if I knew I was carrying the last, but Hyper Remis was a blessing to take it away.”