Harry and Meghan give BBC legal notice for ‘false and defamatory’ reports of daughter’s name

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are once again at odds with the British press, this time over the name of their newborn daughter. Their daughter is Lilibet, the queen’s childhood nickname BBC Reportedly, the couple did not ask the queen before naming their children. The couple has since hit the network for “false and defamatory” reports.

BBC Reporter Jonny Dymond shared the news and tweeted about it.

In the report, a spokesperson for Sussexes said: “The official spoke with his family prior to the announcement. In fact, his grandmother was the first family member he called. During that conversation, he shared their hopes in honor of their daughter Lilibet’s name. If she hadn’t been supportive, they wouldn’t have used that name.”

after BBC’s Reports were collected from several stores, and London-based law firm Schillings BBC.

The couple named their daughter Lilibet or Lili after Queen Elizabeth. According to BBC, when the Queen was young she could not pronounce her name and called herself Lilibet. It quickly developed into a nickname adopted by close family members, grandfathers, fathers, and even husbands. The baby’s middle name is Diana.

Royal expert Katie Nicole said in an interview. entertainment tonight“While this has been controversial, I think it suggests that the couple are also stretching olive branches if you consider it a true sign of respect for the Queen and the ultimate tribute to Harry’s grandmother.” She believed this was evidence that the two “want to make peace.”

As Markle previously accused of being racist in reports about her, the couple had previously fought the press. She is fighting them in court and recently Mail Because she misreported a letter to her father.