Gordon Ramsay said the closure made Oscar’s diaper changing expert.

Chef Gordon Ramsay revealed how he spent his time in the blockade, revealing that he spent a lot of time changing diapers for his son Oscar.

Gordon said spending so much time at home with his children and wife Tana was completely “unprecedented” for him, but he was also cuddling every minute when it came to Oscar’s one-year-old diapers.

“The opportunity to spend that time with the family is unprecedented,” explained the father of five children.

Gordon Ramsay opened up about how to spend his time in containment.
Gordon Ramsay revealed how he spent his time in containment.

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Gordon, twin of Megan (22) and also the father of Holly and Jack (19) and Matilda (18), said: “The reconnection is great. Good time.

“I must have gone through about 150 diapers with Oscar! You can now close your eyes and change diapers.”

Gordon was more open to his close ties with his children, explaining that the eldest son Jack is working with the Royal Marines, but in the last few months it has given him time to further strengthen his ties with Oscar.

Gordon Ramsay's son has kept him busy.
Gordon Ramsay’s son has kept him busy.

“He became my best friend. How fit is it that my first best mate is now Royal Marine Commando and I have a new best mate for the Oscars?” Gordon said.

And he said he was already looking forward to putting on makeup on Minimi within a few months.

Gordon said, “I want to cut his hair. I’m guessing he should have a buzz cut. Shave 2 on the top and 1 on the side.”

Dotting Dad Gets His Little Oscar "Best fellow"
Doting dad Gordon described the little Oscar as his “best mate”

Meanwhile, Gordon said he had his family work hard in the kitchen to cook delicious food for everyone.

He said: “As a closed cook, it’s like running a restaurant seven days a week where no one wants to go home.

“Dad what’s dinner?” I know it will end, so I’m enjoying every moment between you and me.”

Gordon's with his sons Jack and Oscar
Gordon with his sons Jack and Oscar

Gordon has also been very busy working on the new BBC game show Bank Balance.

The upcoming series sees Gordon on the host mission. This is because the participant is at risk of losing everything or maintaining’poise, accuracy, knowledge and nerves’ to raise cash.

Bank Balance coming soon to BBC One and BBC iPlayer.