Following a photo shoot by an Indian designer, Maria B reveals the one-sided relationship between Pakistan and India.

Pakistani artists have been banned from working across borders, but Indian designer Abhinav Mishra’s work has recently turned to Lahore to shoot with a local model. Shocked by the development, designer Maria B protested on social media, questioning how authorities allowed this when this was not currently possible in India.

“Well, if this is happening in Pakistan, why can’t we do this in India?” She shared footage of the shoot, which first went viral due to a dust storm blowing during filming.

She believed that Pakistan had a one-sided relationship with India and said our artists are completely rude, but we welcome them wholeheartedly.

“As an industry, shouldn’t India react the same way India does to our designers and our creators, rather than a one-way relationship? And what about the PM’s instructions for Kashmir?” she asked Prime Minister Imran Khan said good relations with Delhi would not come at the cost of losing a life in Kashmir.

Mishra shot with a local Pakistani model, some flew from Karachi to be part of his catalog.

Maria B’s argument makes sense in that India does not allow our designers or artists to work there. Why should we allow them to work here? But the other side of the argument is that Pakistan’s entertainment industry is not as developed as in India and neither our models nor actors get great opportunities to work here. Are we shooting ourselves as an industry by limiting who can work with artists?