Fitness lover Malaika Arora reveals how Covid completely broke her

When the pandemic first occurred, the world didn’t know what to expect. A year later, as we continue to fight the deadly disease, people around the world are revealing about the horrific experiences and painful sequelae of the virus, and Indian model and actress Malaika Arora is one of them.

Arora, a fitness enthusiast and hard-working to stick to her workout goals, recently shared on social media the struggles she’s been feeling again after testing positive for coronavirus in September 2020.

“‘You’re so lucky’ or ‘it would have been so easy’ is a phrase I hear regularly. Yes, I am grateful for many things in my life. But luck has played a very small role in it. And calm down. !? Boy! It wasn’t.” cha cha chai Star opened.

“I tested positive on September 5th and it was really bad. Anyone who calls it easy to recover from COVID-19 doesn’t have a strong immune system or know the fight against COVID. What I’ve been through is ‘easy’. It’s not the word I choose.” she said.

“Physically it knocked me down. Taking two steps felt like an incredibly arduous task. Sitting, getting out of bed, and wanting to stand by the window was a journey in itself. I gained weight, got weak, and lost stamina. . Far from her family,” she wrote, listing how the virus broke her psyche.

But that’s not all. Arora said the effect of the virus on her body remained intact despite the negative tests.

“I finally did a negative test on September 26th and I was so grateful that I did it, but the weakness was the same,” she said. “I was disappointed that my body couldn’t support my mind. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to regain my strength. I wondered if I could finish one activity in 24 hours.”

She talked about the feeling of returning to exercise.

“The first workout was brutal. I couldn’t do it well. I felt broken.” The second day she got up again and told herself that she could do it one day at a time.

“It’s been about 32 weeks since I tested negative and I’m finally starting to feel like myself. I can exercise the way I did before I tested positive. I breathe better and feel stronger physically and mentally.”

She attributed this recovery to a little feeling of hope. He thanked the fans for their constant support. “Hope that you will be okay even if you feel okay.

“Thank you to everyone who sent me messages and DMs, and thank you to everyone who lifted my spirits. But I also pray that the world will recover and that we can all win together. I am out of this phase. Words — Grit and Gratitude.”

Covid-19 has affected other people in a variety of ways, but one thing is certain: it will harm you. Arora isn’t the only one experiencing this, but we’re glad she opened it up and found out that this is normal for everyone and it will take some time to get your feet wet.