Ferne McCann admits heartbreakingly that her ideal pregnancy was’robed’ by ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins.

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann frankly opened up Sunday that her ideal pregnancy with her daughter was “robed”.

The 30-year-old star, who recently enjoyed the winter sunshine with her little one in Dubai, sponsored The Sun’s Christmas Together campaign and talked about feeling’lonely and isolated’ after giving birth.

Ferne shares her lovely daughter with former Arthur Collins, who was arrested for committing a traumatic acid attack at a London nightclub in April 2017.

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann has frankly revealed that her ideal pregnancy was “robbed”.

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Ferne gave the news of pregnancy just two days after former Arthur was arrested, and she told The Sun: “This was my first experience with pregnancy and everything I thought would be an ideal pregnancy was taken away from me.

“But I’m grateful to the god I’m pregnant because if I weren’t pregnant I would not be as happy as today and would laugh and love life as much as I do.”

Arthur Collins was sentenced to 20 years in prison after a traumatic acid attack in which 14 people were injured.

Ferne’s former Arthur Collins was arrested for a terrible acid attack.

Ferne, who felt lonely after childbirth and raised Sunday as a single mother, continued: “You can feel loneliness and loneliness, especially when you become a new mother.

“It’s a lifestyle change that I think will be all sunshine and roses, but it’s actually a huge adjustment.”

The reality star continued to say “It’s really hard” in the early stages of Sunday’s birth.

Ferne McCann changes her home with fall decorations and is so chic.
Ferne said she felt “isolated” and “lonely” as a new mother.

She added: “You are entirely responsible for the little human being wholly dependent on you. That’s a big job.

“When I moved from my mom’s house, 100% felt lonely and it was just me and Sunday. It was really hard.”

Ferne shows her life as a single mother until Sunday on the ITVBe show First Time Mum.

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The star continued to tell The Sun: “You can feel lonely in a room full of people. It can affect anyone.”

But Ferne talked to someone and added: “I think it’s about discovering communities and finding people to support you. I believe in talking and talking to someone.

“It can be an expert, a friend or a forum. You have to share your mood. It’s a weird time and people are definitely suffering.

Ferne McCann is dating a multi-millionaire businessman.
Ferne McCann felt lonely and opened the door.

“Starting a conversation and being kind to others, whether physically or behind the phone, is checking in with that kindness.

“When I feel lonely, I can connect with my mom online. Having a social relationship is very important.”

Ferneiro’s confession of loneliness comes after she confesses her little child on vacation.

Ferne left for Dubai for the winter sun on Sunday.

Listening to her Instagram story, the former TOWIE star showed 2.6 million followers an enviable Dubai trip as she poses with her little one.

She poses for images on the beach with friends and says, “I had a lot of fun and laughter, food, laughter, and a good time with my love.

Mother and daughter are having a great time together.

Ferne also showed off her body while posing by the pool wearing a bikini in a pink and blue pattern against a palm tree and blue sky.

The reality star said, “My goal is to fall in love with everything I have,” and received over 22,000 likes from fans.

At 30, he took Sunday to South Africa for a tour that looked like a very dreamy trip.