‘Feminist and Cultural Icon’ Meesha Shafi’s Day

Singer and actor Meesha Shafi experienced what it was like to be a superstar for a day. To be honest, I wonder where the charm is.

She guided me through an ordinary day through a thread on Twitter.

Shafi’s Twitter bio is read as’feminist and cultural icon’. It’s a full-time job in Pakistan, and a friendly public pops out for the utterances of words that you haven’t tried to understand. With her aggressive court lawsuit filed by Ali Zafar, it is only possible to imagine how she fights all-now fashionable- hate and propaganda thrown at her every day.

Surprise, surprise! She lives a pretty regular life. But her habits become irregular on tough days.

Singer-songwriter emphasized how the smudge campaign against her affects the people she cares about. Her mother, whom she calls a rock, is one of them.

In addition to her rock, she appreciated her husband as a’real feminist alliance’ for all the support she got from her. Good job, Mahmood Rahman! I am proud of you.

The evil’guardian’ loves her children, yells at her mother, meditates and cooks for her family. Like you and me!

The list of ingredients she claims is delicious and spicy yaknipulao! Mama Shafi seems to have helped here, but you can’t fight the patriarchy on an empty stomach.

Yoga advice was also given out.

At 4:37 pm after doing housework, she faced challenges when she wanted her children to go to war with them. It’s still better than online wars, she points out.

Shafi claims that her yakhni pulao recipe is a hit. Do you believe in her?

Of course it is!

She ended the day like a true’male hater’. She got along with the family, and as her husband reads the books to the children, she finally thought it was time for self-satisfaction.