Dua Lipa Advertises New York Times Calls Anti-Semitic for Palestinian Journal

British singer Dua Lipa New York Times He raised his voice in support of Palestine and named him anti-Semitic for protesting human rights violations committed by Israel.

Via social media New rule The singer denied that he was an anti-Semitic, saying, “It completely rejects false and terrible claims” published in the newspaper in an advertisement published by the World Values ​​Network.

She isn’t the only one to be slandered in advertising. The full-page ad also categorized Gigi and Bella Hadid as “big influential people who slander the Jewish state and condemn Israeli ethnic cleansing.”

The ad included photographs of three women with the caption “Meet the new Hamas Influencer Brigade”.

“This is the price that human rights surveillance in Palestine and the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem pays to defend Palestinian human rights against the Israeli government accused of persecution and discrimination,” wrote Lipa.

She said, “Jews, Muslims and Christians all take this position because they believe they have the right to live in peace as equal citizens of their chosen country.” The World Values ​​Network says, “An ugly campaign that makes my name misrepresent and misrepresent who I am and what I support. “

Then she ended the statement by expressing solidarity with the oppressed and rejecting all forms of racism. At 25, he is dating Hadid’s younger brother Anwar.

This is not the first time that stars blaming Israel’s actions have been blatantly attacked. Previously, Bella was the target of the Israeli government, who participated in pro-Palestinian protests in New York.

The Lipa and Hadid sisters were at the forefront of a minority group of Western celebrities who did not turn away from advocating for the peace of the Palestinian people. Their activism has been appreciated by millions of people around the world who oppose Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.