Don’t Call Me Plastic: Mathira Stands Up To Those Who Shame Her

After an honest conversation about equal rights, friendships and struggles in the industry of Tabish Hashmi To be honest, Mathira became a victim of a body swindler.

She asked the public to use Instagram filters freely through social media and not to shame her for appearing to gain weight.

“I’m chubby and so happy. Who’s embarrassing me? Please focus on yourself,” she posted on Instagram, continuing her story on set.

She added that she constantly questioned her body and ended up with the public the shame about her appearance.

“I’m tired of people telling me why I did implants. It’s a shame. I have a hormonal imbalance problem. Stop it.”

The host said she would not deny if she had surgery.

“If I had the surgery, I would definitely afford it. I gained weight. Stop this ridiculous thing that calls me plastic surgery,” she added.

No surgery or surgery, overweight or underweight-to remind you that a woman’s body here is not something you can mention. Whether Mathira has had 40 surgeries or no surgeries at all, her appearance isn’t our job.