Dilip Kumar admitted to Bikovid ward for shortness of breath

Bollywood mogul Dilip Kumar was admitted out of breath at a Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai on Sunday morning. His wife, Saira Banu, told the press that doctors are conducting tests on him to investigate his disease. His Twitter account is active and provides regular updates. Mughal-e-Azam star health.

The original tweet reported that the star was facing “episodes of shortness of breath” and “had been admitted to Bikovid PD Hinduja Hospital Karl for routine examinations and investigations.”

speaking Pinkville, Banu, “We are treating him here. He reported some fluid retention, so we’re figuring it out. The ultrasound scan just finished again. May you all pray for him to get better.”

As with most celebrity news, news of Kumar’s illness has passed through WhatsApp rumor mills, and claims of his death have emerged. Kumar’s account warned followers of these rumors and said, “Don’t trust WhatsApp forwards.”

A 98-year-old child announced stable.

The tweet also made an optimistic impression among fans that doctors believed he would be home in the next two or three days.

Earlier in the day, a tweet was posted addressing the misinformation and providing updates on Kumar’s health.

“Dilip Saab supports oxygen, not a ventilator.”

Also, a specialist treating Kumar said, “We are waiting for the results of some tests to perform a pleural aspiration.”

Calling Kumar a Bollywood legend would be an understatement. Often known as the King of Bollywood Tragedy, this man was Bollywood for decades with Big B Devdas, it’s me da ur, work, Marsha R. and Shakti to his credit. His fans are looking forward to the star’s speedy recovery, and we hope so too.