Did Shahid Afridi just announce that she is enrolling in college?

Shahid Afridi will be on his way from the cricket pitch to the classroom. The 44-year-old said he recently decided to enroll in a local college.

On March 22, the cricketer made a’presentation’ while giving a speech to the faculty and students of Karachi Salim Habib University at a brand ambassador event.

He was nominated as Brand Ambassador for Salim Habib University, formerly known as Barrett Hodgson University. The university is run by a foundation founded by Dr. MS Habib, the founder and founder of the pharmaceutical conglomerate Barrett Hodgson Pakistan.

“I got admission here,” Afridi said. “I have never seen college before coming here. Cricket has been my life. I am enrolled here and will study with you guys. I’m really proud.” Of course, you must first pass the entrance exam. The cricketer joked that Iram Afaq, executive director of the Salim Habib Education Foundation, only admits people for merit.

During his speech, Afridi also spoke of the importance of education. “Education plays a really important role in the development of the country.

He also emphasized the importance of educating girls, where he and the Shahid Afridi Foundation pay special attention. The cricketer attended the event with his daughters.

We’re pretty sure Afridi was joking, but in case he doesn’t, study Mr. Afridi hard. The trial season is running out.