Denise Van Outen made’regular contacts’ with Mick Norcross prior to her tragic death.

Denise Van Outen said he had been in regular contact with Mick Norcross before facing his tragic death last week.

TV’s popularity, which had to quit Dancing on Ice on Tuesday, is talking about the shock of devastating news last week.

She released the last warm message she received from Mick last Thursday before she was found dead in her Essex home.

His co-stars shook the reality TV world as they hurried to pay tribute to the popular cast members.

The cause of death has not yet been confirmed, but the police have not been treated suspiciously.

Denise Van Outen made’regular contacts’ with Mick Norcross before her tragic death.

Denise is TOWIE’s narrator and got to know businessman Mick on the show.

He kept in touch by occasionally sending messages to her on social media.

She told “It’s just terrible. We don’t know yet, and it’s not really a place to know what’s going on with him.

“I’m not saying that I was really close, but he was always very lovely to me.

Denise moved on to inform fans of Mick’s cool guy.

The entrepreneur was found dead in his home last week.

“I’ve been to Sugar Hut a few times and he’s always been a real gentleman, and he used to sporadically send me messages on social media, etc. and send me cool messages.

“He sent a really nice message about my show in London. It’s really sad.

“My heart, thoughts, prayers and everything goes to his family and to Kirk. I can’t imagine what they’re going through.”

A neighbor of the nightclub owner explained that the day before the former TOWIE star died, he looked’happy and friendly’.

My mom was hurt during the dancing on ice rehearsal.
Denise left Dancing On Ice on Tuesday due to a severe injury.

They said the news shocked his hometown.

One of Mick’s neighbors described the tragic death to The Mirror, and the whole community was surprised by the news.

Neighbors who choose to remain anonymous have described Mick as being respected by the community’who never said anything bad about him’.