Dan Osborne apologizes after telling fans to’Trouble yourself’ in angry rant

Dan Osborne apologized to Instagram after telling his followers to “Fuck yourself”.

The former TOWIE star used profanity after he and Jacqueline Jossa were accused of violating the closing rules.

However, he has since apologized to 1.1 million followers: “I would like to apologize to 99% of my terrible language. It was terrible.

Dan Osborne apologized to Instagram after telling his followers to “Fuck yourself”.

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“I’m not proud of myself, but sometimes I get my help. I’m just human. I focused on the negative things I shouldn’t do.”

The star was lying in bed at the time, and he added: “I just want to say thank you for a good message and stuff. If you look at them, you don’t have a chance to answer them all.”

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Dan, 29, and his wife Jacqueline, 28, were charged with violating the rules of closure earlier this week to visit Tyson the Rottweiler puppy at Yorkshire’s professional dog trainer Total K9.

The star admitted that the language he spoke was “not proud”.

Dan shared a snapshot of himself and Jacqueline, recently sharing a nasty troll’s evil message and laughing with a dog in an Instagram story.

Then he wrote at the top, “Look at someone who took an 8-hour round trip to visit today,” followed by a heart-eyed emoticon.

Now Dan has described the situation through Instagram stories and attacked those who abused him.

Dan shared a snapshot of Jacqueline visiting her new puppy.

Jacqueline Jossa toured the rooms of daughters Mia and Ella in a house shared with her husband Dan Osborne.

Dan explained that Jacqueline and their daughters Ella and Mia went on a business trip with him and saw him roam the country to deliver goods, and the family decided to stop by to see their new puppy on the trip.

He said, “Hello. So I was in a situation where I had to explain myself.”

Dan went on to say: “As you know, I give awards across the country. Love it. We’re running this business and it’s incredible.

Dan said: “Fuck yourself! You don’t know me, I don’t know you”

“I had a bit of work to do yesterday, I got prizes, and I could see units. We are looking at units up and down the country. Obviously the award we offer is [are] everywhere.

“And we thought we would stop on our way back and see the puppy. That’s why my family came to work with me, and we sit in my car with the people we live with every day. So there is no problem at all.

“I do not harm anyone. We paused and thought we would see the puppy. If we buy a big dog, he will grow. I’d like to see what a big dog is and meet before.”

Jacqueline Investigation and Dan Osborne

In another clip, he added: Do the children see first? ‘

“So you can’t win in this situation. In any case, we have not been in contact with other humans. We went outside, saw the dog and drove home. Children bless. They were young and, like everyone else, trapped indoors. I am not saying that no one is trapped indoors. However, we are in the car and do not cause problems for anyone else. No problem with what I did.

“We literally drove somewhere, without contact with anyone, we stopped on our way back from work, saw the dog, and then drove home.”

Dan explained that Jacqueline and their daughters Ella and Mia had a business trip with him.

He added vigorously that it was “stupid” for the police to visit them at Total K9, a training facility where dogs are staying.

Dan said: “I know it doesn’t have to be, but it just fixes the problem. I know 99% of people understand and they are normal humans. But for 1% who are not normal humans have your explanation.

“No way, the world we live in? So yes, I want to organize it. And to 1% of people sending messages… There are people who call me an idiot. There are families who call us that way. Come on! You don’t know me, you don’t know You won’t call me with my face. So don’t do that through social media.”