Christian Betzman Says Pakistan Should Accept Constructive Criticism For His Non-Apology

German video blogger Christian Bettsmann sparked fire last week by sharing his views on the Palestinian crisis and Pakistanis protesting an immediate solution and reduction to the crisis. At the peak of his criticism, his fiancé, actor Joya Nasir, canceled the engagement. Betzmann finally responded to the controversy.

“First of all, this isn’t an apology,” he said, and said that the way people distort words to exert influence is fun. “Pakistan welcomed me with open arms,” he echoed to most white bloggers who visited this place, saying, “Thank you forever for that.”

Betzmann said Pakistanis will adapt to their culture of honest criticism the way they adapt to their criticism. He said the country is a third world country and where criticism is taking root. He said he wanted to see Pakistan for the better and insisted that “we have to accept the mistake and find a way to fix it.”

Recently, Muslim converts also revealed that they did not insult the religion or its prayers. His point was that prayer was only as effective as its fruitful action “especially when there was war.”

“When I received my Shaha, I learned that Islam is a religion of peace. [but] Pakistani social media comments show no peace, but hate and violence. “Said Betzmann.

In the end, he urged, “We must represent our religion in a positive way around the world.”

He also spoke of his efforts to create YouTube videos. This video is made because we want to save our country and contribute to the image improvement globally.

“I went to Orangi Town in Karachi, the largest slum in the world to shoot a new video. I was filming in extreme pollution. [and] Even the people in the slums heated up to show that they are good people. “Said Betzmann.

Some may argue that it is not his responsibility to reveal to us how good our people are, but it is also important to consider that the gap he perceives is real.

The result of his efforts was food poisoning and fever, and he was lying in bed for two days. “If you’re not interested in Pakistan, you’ll sit at home and take a video of the reaction,” he said.

Criticism by German influencers of Pakistanis protesting and praying for Palestine was clearly not well received. It was considered a very problematic remark. Public opinion argued that it was indeed the responsibility of the people to speak up on this issue and highlight the plight of innocent Palestinians in a situation where the global information network is too skewed. Pakistanis also felt that his criticism of Pakistan’s poor infrastructure was true, but fully known, but not justified. TikTok star Romaisa Khan gained popularity for this.

This user also reflected public sentiment.

Comments not only influenced my relationship with my fiancé, but also my best friend, YouTuber Shahveer Jafry. Jafry came out to support Nasir after deciding to cancel her engagement.

“We are all with you, Zoya!” He declared.

In a separate remark, Betzmann mentioned her breakup with Nasir in reply to a YouTube comment. When time said that a friend and fiance would heal the wounds caused by canceling him, he replied with a smiley emoticon claiming that he had left her.

There is an element of truth in Betzmann’s words, but there are also some problems. Of course, his views on matters of political character are very different from those of ordinary Pakistani and are colored by the fact that he is not from here. But for most people it means he doesn’t have the right to comment on Pakistan, but for others it means he has brought new views on the issues we’ve been living for decades.

It could be argued that Betzmann, a content creator targeting Pakistani audiences, residents and diaspora, should better understand our people’s threshold of criticism. This episode also serves as a reminder of other foreign content creators who want to explore the Pakistani video blogging industry.