Chloe Perry claims she has violated quarantine rules to get to the store after traveling to Dubai.

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry rebelled against allegations of quarantine after a trip to Dubai.

The 25-year-old reality star shared her negative Covid results on Instagram and showed her fans that she adhered to the rules.

She told 3.5 million followers: “According to government guidelines, I chose to test for release after returning from the trip and self-isolation.

Chloe Perry fights back allegedly violating containment rules

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“Coming back to the negatives, I was able to shop for food, do some exercise in the park and visit the warehouse for work.

“Thank you for your concern!!!”

Star shared a detailed snapshot of the coronavirus test, detailing the results, date and time, and even the barcode number.

If you are arriving in the UK from outside the UK, you will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.

The star shared the Covid results on Instagram.

However, you can pay for personal testing as part of your test-to-release plan. In other words, if the test result is negative, you can stop self-isolation.

Chloe returned from a business trip in Dubai, followed the plan and finished testing on January 31st.

While leaving, the Geordie Shore star did not hesitate to share his snapshots from his brilliant trip abroad.

The reality star followed the Test to Release plan after returning from Dubai.

Chloe, Sophie Kasaei, and their friend Bethan Kerhsaw crouched in a luxury apartment in the heart of the city, with three en suite bathrooms and a “sponsor room” dedicated to filming content for social media channels.

Chloe and Bethan, whose net worth was recently revealed, share their excitement with fans through Instagram stories, capturing the girls’ initial reaction to their new home.

“That’s really big!” The reality star was able to wander around the huge open-plan living space and hear what they say.

Chloe was on a business trip in Dubai.

She looked inside a luxurious apartment.

Each huge bedroom has its own balcony offering amazing views of the city, and each of the girls has en suite bathrooms.

The apartment also has its own gym, which, unlike the British gym, did not have to be closed due to the epidemic and is open as usual.

While in Dubai, the girls made good use of their fitness center, posting lots of workout photos and videos for fans at home.

Starting in February, Dubai’s pubs and bars will close with a surge in Covid cases.

Chloe also shared a snap to hear while enjoying a boat trip while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Dubai is full of both influencers and celebrities amidst the UK’s coronavirus blockade.

From February, Dubai’s pubs and bars will close after a surge, and a spokeswoman for the Dubai Media Office said, “This action will further strengthen our efforts to combat COVID-19 and ensure that all citizens, residents, and visitors. “