Celebrities wish Pakistan’Achanak’ Eid Mubarak with jokes, dress goals and prayers

This year’s Eid announcement surprised a lot of people because we didn’t prepare 29-roza Ramazan. Most people, including Pakistani celebrities, now want’Achanak (Sudden) Eid Mubarak’ from friends and family.

Many celebrity historians also asked to remember Palestine when they prayed and to keep talking about the atrocities committed against people.

Sonya Hushin

Sonya Hussyn gave his followers a sweet greeting this year to wish them health and happiness.

Chania Amir

In Generation Z’s Best Action, Hania Aamir completes the story of announcing Eid with emoticons and shouts of joy.

She later posted a video that glamorized everything that Mashallahs demanded.

Sabah Camar

Saba Qamar reminded everyone that this was Eid not kissing and asked everyone to remember the Palestinian Muslims in their prayers.

Nadia Hussein

It doubled for Nadia Hussain’s Eid message, where she mimicked Firdous Ashiq Awan’s special Eid SOP.


Hira Mani put up a more casual look that this Eid is all he can manage.

Hardikaki no

Hadiqa Kiani was all flashy in her Eid post.

Ashim Hazar

Asim Azhar’s message may not have been long (simple Eid Mubarak), but his happy photos brightened up our day.

Well ray sarah di

Zhalay Sarhadi posted photos of herself and her daughter Anaya, all made up for Eid.

Sarwat Gilrani

Sarwat Gillani reminded everyone to defend Palestine and its people while praying this Eid.

Sahipa Java Katak

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak’s Eid greeting was even more gloomy. She patiently wanted an Eid that was safe and healthy for everyone if she couldn’t be with her loved ones, but she also remembered oppressed Muslims around the world.

‚ÄúRamazan is long and has asked a lot of us all. It’s not right to celebrate with Covid and everything that’s happening in the world right now. .

She prayed for oppressed people in Palestine, Middle East, China, Kashmir and Burma. “May Allah SWT liberate them and give them the strength to keep going, keep fighting, and keep the light of truth and goodness from leaving their hearts.”