Shehzad Roy would like to thank Prime Minister Imran Khan for personally pursuing the Mufti Aziz rape case.

According to Shehzad Roy, his activism knows he says a lot about the importance of protecting children in the country. Recently, whenever he talked to Prime Minister Imran Khan about child protection via social media, he got positive responses. “Thanks to Imran Khan for personally pursuing this case,” he wrote on social media along with … Read more

Sunita Marshall — role model

The interview with Sunita Marshall lasts over an hour. When she left, she smiled and said, “If you say something controversial without thinking, don’t include it in the interview.” This is a request frequently made by celebrities. A face-to-face interview can be an animated, sloppy session with a lot of informal talk and only the … Read more

Ushna Shah wants to ban white bloggers in Pakistan because Rosie Gabrielle pointed out our garbage problem.

Canadian travel video blogger Rosie Gabrielle has been on a motorcycle mission around the world and is currently based in Hunza. After some locals contacted her with concerns about tourists dumping garbage, she used the platform to raise concerns. Unfortunately, actress Ushna Shah didn’t like Gabrielle’s words and insisted that white people had no right … Read more

Now that Sarfaraz Ahmed and Shaheen Afridi have met, it’s time for Twitter to stop fighting.

Shaheen Afridi and Sarfaraz Ahmed’s ‘clash’ on the pitch has been resolved with mutual respect and we wish each other the best and Twitter can finally take a break. The two used social media to overcome the on-the-ground misconceptions commonly seen in sports and competition. Earlier this week, former captains Ahmed and Afridi fell into … Read more

With Trump’s face on the pig, rock star Roger Waters has plans for Mark Zuckerberg at his next concert.

Legendary British musician Roger Waters is not apathetic when it comes to Mark Zuckerberg. He refuses to take the billionaire seriously, ridicules him for being “one of the most powerful fools in the world” and declines an offer to buy the rights to use Pink Floyd songs in an upcoming film. Zuckerberg was about to … Read more