Caroline Flack’s Strictly pal Kristina Rihanoff says she feels’such a guilt’ almost a year after her death.

Strictly Come Dancing’s pro Christina Rihanov shared the news that she had lost her friend Caroline Flack a year ahead of her tragic death.

Christina, who met a TV star who died when she participated in a series of dancing competitions in 2014, explained that she felt guilty for not “reaching” Caroline before her death on February 15, 2020.

“I should have contacted you… I feel guilty,” she said. The 43-year-old went on to say, “Strictly she had a lot of hardships, getting out of the relationship, and so on.

“She knew a lot about her emotional state because there was a bit of a shake on the tour and she didn’t want to perform.

Kristina Rihanoff opened her late friend Caroline Flack ahead of her death anniversary.
Kristina Rihanoff opened her late friend Caroline Flack ahead of her death anniversary.

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“But she said’I’m in a better place. I’m focused on something new’ and I told her,’I’m really happy with you.'”

“I still have it and she looks fine, but we all take care of our sadness,” she said of the photo she took together on the set of a popular show.

Speaking of Caroline’s death at 40, Kristina said she felt guilty for not doing more to help the star, explaining: I was really sad. I haven’t left my head for a long time.”

Kristina isn’t the only celebrity her close friend Dawn O’Porter recently talked about about Caroline ahead of her anniversary, paying her heartbreaking tribute.

Strictly Caroline Flack
Caroline took part in Strictly in 2014.

Writer Dawn (42 years old) says I’m A Celebrity… We shared memories of the first meeting Caroline on the set of the Get Me Out Of Here Now show.

Snap recently said her fortune would go to various charities, sitting in front of Dawn, Joe Swash and Gemma Cairney on the set of an Australian-based I’m A Celeb spin-off show, Snap recently said. jungle.

When she posted a nostalgic photo on her Instagram page, Dawn paid her heartbreaking tribute to Caroline and looked back at the beginning of her friendship.

Dawn wrote in the caption: “From the week I met Caroline, I went to the tube hall to find anything. Here it is. [sic]

Dawn O'Porter has revealed that she believes Caroline Flack is sending her. "sign"
Dawn shared a heartbreaking tribute, Caroline.

This woman knew exactly how to dress and check all style boxes.

“Australia, on TV set somewhere in the jungle. It was one of the funniest weeks of my life.

“I worked with a free ticket to Oz to meet my best friend who moved to Melbourne. I didn’t know you would meet @gemagain and Caroline and get two more best friends of your dreams.”

Looking back on his trip to Down Under, Dawn went on to say: “We laughed all week, told each other everything, and lived our whole life together. Absolutely the greatest times.”

“This week is really hard. Actually anguish. I can’t shake it.

Dawn said she feels “pain” for Caroline’s tragic death.

Remembering Caroline Flack

“Monday is the year after Caroline’s death. That terrible day that changed the lives of many forever. I am afraid of it.

“But there were more than 14,600 days of Caroline’s wonderful life that tell us so much more about her than what happened that day.

“I keep grateful for the happiest, most fun, and most playful memories of my grief. Too many. Probably too many.”

Dawn ended her post with the following: “I will never stop missing her. Followed by my wonderful, colorful and funny friend” and a red heart emoticon.